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July 25, 2019

12 Tools to Improve Your Pinterest, Podcasting and Video Marketing

Pinterest, Podcasting and Video Marketing Tools

The following is made up of 3 “Business Tips” articles, each of which talks about 4 helpful tools and resources around a specific area of your business. Today, the subjects are:

  • Improve your Pinterest marketing
  • Tools to get started in podcasting
  • Video marketing resources

4 Tools to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing

1) Beautiful visuals to share – loop88

The best type of visual content is something that your followers will want to pin. loop88 helps your business develop a customized road map for content creation, improved profiles, and management of promoted content. Create stunning visuals that will increase your sales results and exposure for your brand.

2) Find niche group boards – Pingroupie

Targeted groups on Pinterest are still a great place to gain more pins for your content. Pingroupie helps you find the top groups for your brand. Get started by selecting a specific category and then search for results. You will be able to see how many members are in each group along with the date when the group was created.

3) Filter your Pinterest followers – Pinfollow

Connect with people who follow you back. Pinfollow allows you to weed out spam followers and focus on the connections that are truly interested in your brand. Simply sign in with your Pinterest account to get started for free.

4) Engaging user-generated content – Olapic

Capture and upload the best brand imagery for all of your social networks. The Olapic app helps your business develop a targeted strategy that attracts an audience through strong visuals. Use this for a new product launch or include your network to brainstorm ideas.


Use These 4 Tools to Get Started In Podcasting

1) Simple audio editing – GarageBand

When hosting a podcast you want the best quality recording available. GarageBand is a great tool that is included for Mac users. It’s like having your own studio right inside your computer. Got a show that you want to break up into bite-sized segments? Then cutting audio and adding the right music is as simple as clicking a button. Import existing audio files or create a new one from scratch.

2) Embed the right keyword tags – EasyTAG

Choose the right keywords for your audio broadcast. There is a great online software tool that you can use to edit embedded tags within your podcasts. EasyTAG makes the task of viewing and editing simple so that your files appear exactly the way you want them to. Choose specific keywords for each show so that listeners can easily find your content.

3) Store your podcast files in the cloud – Amazon S3

Not all website hosting companies can handle the large data files produced with podcasts. That is where this great tool can help. Amazon S3 is a specific media hosting service offered by Amazon for a low fee each month. This is especially good to use if you are producing multiple podcasts each week. The setup is not as simple as hiring a hosting provider. However, Amazon offers many helpful tutorials to get started. Not only can you store episodes, but also have access to them from any device with strong security protection.

4) Professional graphic design – 99Designs

Are looking for an affordable design for your podcasts? 99Designs has been around since 2008 and offers great pricing for a variety of budgets. The service includes branding, logo design, website design, and more from top professional graphic designers. Choose exactly what you are looking for and select from several choices before making your final purchase.


Increase Your Reach With These Video Marketing Resources

1) Videos that impress – Animoto

There is no expensive software or experience required for this online video creation tool. Animoto allows for easy customization with music, images, and text on both a computer and on iOS and Android devices. This is a great way to quickly put a high-quality production together that you can easily share online. You can try this software out with a low monthly fee and upgrade to a higher package later.

2) Create a doodle animation – Sellamations

If you need to capture your audience’s attention in a unique way then you might want to try cartoons. Sellamations helps you deliver a simple, and effective message with custom hand-drawn videos. Their team will work with you to develop a script that captures the viewer along with a fully professional voice-over presentation.

3) Video hosting and beyond – Vidyard

Close more deals with this trusted online video platform. Vidyard lets you know exactly how your videos are performing, and the actions your audience is taking with them. A messaging app is included with the service so that you can connect with prospects right away. This is a perfect way to improve your video marketing as you create lessons, how-to videos, and more.

4) Compelling animated videos and presentation – Wideo

Create a fun and informative promotional video for your niche. Wideo includes over 80 templates to choose from where you can customize your own animated message. Add more to your videos with your own images, logos, and music, etc. with their drag and drop menu items. You can have a fantastic presentation created in just minutes with this simple tool.

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4 Tools to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing

Use These 4 Tools to Start Your First Podcast

Increase Your Reach With These Video Marketing Resources

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