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October 17, 2019

12 Business Visibility, Podcast and Content Marketing SEO Tools

Business Visibility, Podcast and Content Marketing SEO Tools

The following is made up of 3 “Business Tips” articles, each of which talks about 4 helpful tools and resources around a specific area of your business. Today, the subjects are:

  • Raising Business Visibility using LinkedIn
  • Podcasting tools
  • Content Marketing SEO tools

Increase Your Business Visibility with These 4 LinkedIn Tools

1) Easy profile management – Social Champ

Leverage your content for better visibility on your LinkedIn account. Social Champ is a management platform that allows you to schedule ahead of time in a way that can be scaled and measured by you and/or your team. Share interesting stories, provide valuable information, and attract interested readers by connecting your blog’s RSS feed. Access both your profile and company page(s) all from one dashboard.

2) Data-driven recruiting insights – LinkedIn Talent Insights

If you would like to reach talented employees for your growing business, then you’ll want to take advantage of this great feature. LinkedIn Talent Insights provides direct access to rich data from leading talent agencies so that you can find the right fit for your company. The service includes select candidates who match the skills that you need, real-time reporting and information on the latest trends online.

3) Drive website visitors to your page – LinkedIn Page Follow

Making new connections on LinkedIn can be made easier by adding code to your website landing page. With the LinkedIn Page Follow plugin you can display your follower count for your company page — LinkedIn provides the code for you to install. It’s free to use, but you may need the help of a developer to add the snippet to the right location.

4) Sales Navigator integration – SalesLoft

Monitor and track your sales with automated updating. SalesLoft provides a real-time view of all your activities with integration with LinkedIn’s powerful Sales Navigator feature. Conduct research, send InMail messages to prospects, manage connection introductions, and more. This tool will help your business find the right people and produce a message that speaks directly to their needs.

Podcast Tools Used By Successful Influencers

1) Introduce your brand to a large audience – PodOmatic

Play your podcast directly on social media and gain more visibility. PodOmatic is used by top marketers like marketing expert Neal Schaffer, and makes creating a podcast free and easy to share on social media and your Weebly or any other website. The software works with Google Play, Spotify, and iTunes and includes powerful statistics for audience measurement.

2) Host an online conference – Skype

If you already use Microsoft Skype for your business meetings and communication, why not try this also for your next podcast? The live chat video is simple to use, and anyone who has downloaded the software can participate. Interact with participants, send files, share your screen and much more. The software allows for up to 50 participants in audio and video format.

3) Grow your podcast audience – Simple Podcast Press

Gain more downloads and build your email list with this smart plugin for WordPress. Simple Podcast Press automatically publishes your podcasts directly to your website, and includes a call-to-action opt-in that will increase your signups. The plugin is easy to install and set up. Just enter your iTunes URL and you’re ready to go. The player is mobile friendly and includes your description and branded images.

4) Capture email addresses with each show – Smart Podcast Player

Do you need to engage your listeners more with a reliable online tool? Then you will love Smart Podcast Player, which makes interacting with your audience simple and can even be done on a mobile device. Build your list with an interested audience while establishing trust through engaging podcasts. This is the only podcast software available that captures email addresses.

4 SEO Tools For Your Content Marketing

1) Rank tracking when you need it – Advanced Web Ranking

Providing accurate and positive website growth to your clients is important. Advanced Web Ranking allows you to create professional reports that include analytics data, website ranking, and social media data, which is accessible from any device. Learn what your clients are seeing in their browsers and strengthen your brand image with accurate and fresh search engine rankings across all SERPs. Results can be daily, weekly, and on-demand.

2) Gain more website visitors – Bing Webmaster Tools

Need to increase your website’s traffic? Then you will want to add Bing Webmaster Tools to your resource list. The service helps you attract visitors and provides help in improving your website. From the dashboard, you will be able to understand what is leading visitors to your website, what people in your niche are searching for, and how to improve your visibility. Features include checking whether your website is mobile friendly and verifying unique Bing bots.

3) Easy local content marketing – BrightLocal

If your business is local then you will love BrightLocal, which makes it simple to manage your search engine marketing on places like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Your business can also get the best citations and find out what the competition is up to as well. Track searching rankings, check how you’re is doing against the competition, and convert more website visitors with this handy tool.

4) Free plagiarism checker – Copyscape

Website hijacking can be a real problem on the Internet. Find out if your domain has been copied with a great service that is free and easy to use. Copyscape does all the work for you and provides accurate results in seconds. Just type in the URL of your website with accurate results.

Any Comments?

Do you have any experiences with the above tools that you’d like to share?  Are there any tools in the above categories which you think our readers should know about? Have you made any new tool discoveries that you feel are about to take off and would like to share with others? Please leave your comment, below.

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