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July 19, 2022

12 Business Budgeting, Startup Business, and Digital Marketing Tools

Business Budgeting, Startup Business, and Digital Marketing Tools

The following is made up of 3 “Business Tips” articles, each of which talks about 4 helpful tools and resources around a specific area of your business. Today, the subjects are:

  • Business Budgeting
  • Startup Business
  • Digital Marketing

Get Your Business Budget in Shape With These 4 Tools

1) Uncomplicated Invoice Management – Paydirt

Never miss out on another payment with this great tool. Paydirt is a perfect solution for small businesses and freelancers who need to accurately track their work and bill clients. This takes the guesswork out of the equation and includes professional invoice templates for faster payments. There are 52 currencies in 17 languages to choose from along with the ability to add team members to the dashboard.

2) Time Tracking For you and Your Team – Harvest

If you need better reporting and an improved time management system then you’ll love this software. Harvest provides not only time tracking, but also real-time access that will help you create estimates and invoices that will bring more profitability to your company. Simplify your workflow with access to over 70 business apps that include anything from project management to accounting.

3) Online Invoices Made Simple – Hiveage

Manage finances and send invoices to clients with ease. Hiveage manages payments, business expenses, and much more. Create a quote or estimate in minutes with easy access on your computer or mobile device. Set up recurring billing and manage teams with detailed reporting that includes graphs that are up to date.

4) Organize Your Invoices – Ballpark

Run your business with more efficiency and get paid faster. Ballpark includes web-based invoicing and estimates, payment reminders, team management for up to 100 people, and integration with Stripe and PayPal. Import quotes from other apps like FreshBooks and manage your reporting for more accurate results such as time spent on a project and payment tracking from clients.

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4 Apps to Launch a New Startup Business

1) Plan and Track Your Budget – Mint by Intuit

With any new business, it’s important to keep tabs on your income and expenditures. Mint by Intuit can help you manage your finances on the go. Get personalized insights, create a custom budget, harness spending, and more. Their app will help your business see exactly where your money is going and how to make improvements for more profits and less debt.

2) Tell Your Story With Video – Videoshop

Your website, email, and social media campaigns need video in order to attract leads. Videoshop provides a fast and simple way to edit your videos and personalize them for your audience. Features include built-in music selections, special effects, changing video speeds, and lip syncing.

3) Personal Time Tracking – My Minutes

Keeps tabs on your time and create goals for yourself. My Minutes helps you to manage your tasks and meet important deadlines. Get started by setting up each goal such as reading a report for one hour, and block out a specific schedule. This app will help you become more productive and eliminate wasted time on things that are not driving your business forward.

4) Inspiring Marketing Content – Word Swag

Use this design app to create your next social media campaign. Word Swag is a way to customize any image to share on your accounts. Create custom layouts with borders, choose from hundreds of different quotes or use your own, and then easily save and share your content.

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4 of the Best Digital Marketing Tools

1) Speed Reading App – Spritz

Research content faster and save more time for your content sharing. With the Spritz app, you can digest up to 1,000 words per minute. The app breaks content down into one word at a time, allowing you to understand the topic better. This will not only help improve comprehension, but allow you as a marketer to choose the best articles for your audience to share.

2) Increase Social Media Sales – Soldsie

Increase your social media sales with this simple tool. Soldsie allows your audience to comment on posts and then make a purchase. The software is integrated with Shopify to make the buying experience easy on mobile or on a computer. Features include an inventory system for tracking, inventory management, a pre-order option for your customers, and much more.

3) Custom Branded Videos – reEmbed

Need to stand out with your online videos? Then you will love ReEmbed, which allows you to add a code right to your uploaded videos for precise measurement. Use the tool to easily add your brand’s logo, choose colors, and find the best player design for your website. Embed your YouTube videos or choose to upload them with this simple software.

4) Analyze Comments For Better Insights – Adoreboard

Find the meaning of content on social media for a better sharing experience. Adoreboard produces 24 different emotions like joy, anger, etc. for sentiment analysis. Use this AI software to gain a better understanding of engagement and purchasing decisions. Features include competitor analysis, employee sentiment, brand measurement, and more.

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