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Asad Ali

10 Essential Web Design Usability Statistics [Infographic]

Wed design usability statistics

Web design usability is among the leading factors that determine the ranking of a website. It helps the website to effectively deliver its content, earn revenues and pursue its niche in the eCommerce industry. According to the latest trends, 38% of people will leave a website if it has unattractive layout and content. An intelligently…

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Katherine Crayon

Boost eCommerce Conversions with 15 Proven Web Techniques


With more retailers getting online, the competition becomes far more severe. The techniques that helped you grow online revenue a couple of years ago are effective no more. Online marketers need to come up with new solutions on how to sell for profit on the modern web. The key purpose of any online store is…

Piyush Mangukiya

50 Must Have Small Business Website Design Features

Mobile Responsive Website Design Features

This Infographic on Small Business Website Design features was offered to us by 99MediaLab. The idea was that we might curate around it. But when we saw the amazing work already done by author Piyush Mangukiya, we decided it was too good not to present as is. It is another installment in our “Great Articles You…

Simon Walker

Top 5 Practices for Your eCommerce Product Pages

37176025 - ecommerce colorful vector flat illustration

Every visitor on your product page means something to your store. It increases the engagement, improves click rate and adds ranks. But most importantly, it gives you the chance to make a sale. When a potential lead lands on your product page, there are certain elements that need to be on fleek before anything can…

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Andy Capaloff

Tools, Apps and Plugins: The Making Of A Website

Tools, Apps & Plugins: The Making Of A Website

It’s simply astonishing just how many tools, apps, plugins and extensions a typical online business is likely to rely on in the background, or specifically use on any given day. I’m guessing that most people reading this will be all too aware of this. We’re always open to knowing how we might upgrade on some…

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Ivan Temelkov

Harnessing 404 Pages & Why You Should Have One

404 Page error

Website development is an intricate part of any business. A cohesive web presence is essential to any brand regardless of your industry. A website is 1 of 5 pieces of content every consumer will interact with during their purchase journey. Google particularly process over 2 trillion search queries annually and sometimes as many as 40,000 per…

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Susan Gilbert

How to Make Your Website Visitors Stay


Your website has just a few seconds to capture your visitors before they decide to move on to the competition. There are many reasons why a business may not able to capture leads — one of the biggest being a lack of appealing visual content. Adding great graphics to your design can help accomplish several…

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Susan Gilbert

Improve Your Business Website Conversion Rates


A well developed, professional website is the starting point for any effective marketing and branding strategy. The next important factor is the amount of visitors you are retaining who can become loyal customers. As a business, your visibility online is vitally important in order to attract more leads and sales. If you aren’t experiencing enough…

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Susan Gilbert

Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid


Is your business website retaining visitors? If your answer was no, or you aren’t sure, this could be corrected as simply as fixing your landing page, and without the right hook you could be missing out on golden opportunities. Your website is the branded image and calling card where people learn what you have to…

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Susan Gilbert

What Your Website “About Page” Should Say About Your Business

About Us

One of the most important pages of a business website often doesn’t receive the care and attention it deserves –  that is the “About Us” page. Often this is one of the first pieces of content that has been written when your domain was first established, but can become a literal ghost town that is…

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