Susan Gilbert
December 16, 2014

Make Sure Your Business Website is Responsive

Do you need more traffic, more visitors online? You might be missing out on a large segment of search and purchases, that is mobile if your website isn’t easily viewed on multiple devices and sizes.

It’s important for your business website to be truly responsive on all devices in order to be successful. In a recent study by Morgen Stanley featured on Mashable, the bulk of Internet use in 2015 will be on smartphones and tablets. The article points out that four percent of e commerce sales are currently done on these devices.

A website that automatically adjusts to a mobile device will bring the most visitors and conversions. Google also takes notice of this, and having a responsive design will improve your search engine ranking. Take a look at how your domain looks on a computer versus a smart device then you will know if you need an update or re-design.

According to Wikipedia, a responsive web design is defined as “an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).” While your website might look great on a computer, it may not be easy to read on mobile. See this example of Boom Social by Kim Garst, which is optimized for smart devices:

Computer View




In these illustrations the content is easy to follow and navigate for selection on all devices. But how exactly does a website become fully responsive? The answer is through coding by a web developer or a more simple approach would be WordPress, which provides hundreds of templates and plugins to choose from. These will eliminate the need for writing code, and helps you or your web designer create a website that loads properly on mobile devices.

Another aspect of optimizing your website is found in your domain name. In order to be found in search it’s important to find out whether this is setup as a redirect to another domain, especially on Google. If this is the case then Google offers a great guide to developers to fix the problem and ensure your business is being found online.

Are you ready to see what your website looks like on all devices? You can perform a quick and easy check with Screenfly, which provides the view your visitors see. Here are the results for my website,, after selecting the iPhone 6 option:



Try this test on your domain, and find out what changes need to be made to your website. A truly responsive design will ensure that your business is highly visible and ranks higher on the search engines for more visitors and sales.



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