Susan Gilbert
October 26, 2015

What Your Website “About Page” Should Say About Your Business

One of the most important pages of a business website often doesn’t receive the care and attention it deserves –  that is the “About Us” page.

Often this is one of the first pieces of content that has been written when your domain was first established, but can become a literal ghost town that is causing you to lose subscribers.

When your readers first arrive on the scene of your website they will often go to the “About Us” section to learn more about what you can offer them. With this in mind your content should answer their questions right away, and provide solutions to their needs.

The primary goal of your business should be to provide information that is interesting to the reader and with a personalized approach to serving your customers. Including a brief history can be an attraction as your audience learns more about your background like this example from Amy’s, which provides organic food products:


As you can see this “About Us” page clearly reflects the brand identity with a relatable story that provides more information about Amy’s products. Several other key features should also appear such as:

The mission and goals of your business – In what way do you serve your customers? Tell your audience what your future plans are and how this will benefit them.

Contact information – If you are a brick and mortar establishment then you will want to clearly display your address and other important information such as a telephone number, fax number, email address, and social media links.

Other business locations – List any local, national, or international links so that you reach all of the leads in your region of influence. This information should be provided after your personalized message to your readers.

Eye-catching visuals and videos can also grab your audience’s attention and cause them to want to know more about your company. Depending on your niche this can be humorous, unique to your brand identity, informative, ect. Take a look at this great example from Unbounce:


Not only do people want know the “who” behind your business, but why you offer what you do with an approach that sets your brand apart from others in your industry. For example, an accounting firm may mention how they serve their customers by focusing on the relationship that they have with meaningful testimonials.

Content should include words like “you” or “them” instead of information about “we” or “us.” This personalized approach conveys that your business understands the needs of your market on their level.

In a basic psychological understanding it’s good to remember that your leads and prospects are people just like you who are seeking companies that are similar to them. They are also drawn to those who share their values in a familiar, positive, and helpful tone.

When establishing a great “About Us” page on your business website your initial approach should always be staying true to who your brand is. By making your message less formal and more personal your audience will be able to relate to you on their level and be more interested in your products or services. Keep your updates fresh as your business evolves, and be sure to include a Call-to-Action (CTA) which gives them something of value such as a free report or eBook.

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