Daniel Ndukwu

How To Boost Your Business With a Great Quora Strategy

Make the most of Quora

Quora is largely uncharted territory for many.  You may get your daily email from them and see people asking questions that just make you roll your eyes. On the other hand, you’ve no doubt heard some people raving about how much it has helped them, Well, this article by Daniel Ndukwu is perfect for anyone…

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Andy Capaloff

Surveys: The Perils & Pitfalls And How To Overcome Them

Surveys - We're listening

You’d think that just putting together a survey would be easy, right? Just ask the questions that you feel need answering, then decide the format and software, and where you want to post it. So easy in fact, that at least as of 2013, according to, it was estimated that American adults received 7…

Michael Brenner

Can You Do Content Marketing With No Budget?


And 15 More Content Marketing Questions Answered . . . I have done a whole bunch of interviews in the last few weeks on content marketing questions. And since I believe one of the best content marketing hacks is to turn your most frequently asked questions into helpful pieces of information for your audience, I…

Shelly Kramer

Understanding The Psychology of the Web Searcher


“Real search is about providing valuable information when it’s really needed to those who are actually looking for it.”  ― David Amerland Analytics are fundamental when it comes to allowing marketers to see where their website visitors come from, as well as what search terms brought them there. And don’t fall into the trap of thinking…

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Andy Capaloff

The Burning Question: How Can Our Audience Find Us?

Facebook reach

The adage that perception is 9/10th of reality is becoming ever more true in the online world.  With Facebook giving their reasons for the decline in organic reach and saying that the fraction of the potential news feed that they show us, is what is relevant to us, the question must be asked as to…

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Andy Capaloff

Why Big Data Needs Big Collaboration


Yesterday’s Wisdom Applies As Much As Ever Today “You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created” Albert Einstein “Judge a man by his Questions rather than his Answers” Voltaire Data, Analysis and Questions The dictionary definitions of Data, Analysis and Questions show the clearest of synergies. Indeed, the first…

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Andy Capaloff

Why We Need To Expand The Big Data Questions Gene Pool

big-data_2 mag glass

In the September 2013 article “What Businesses Need to Understand About Big (and Small) Data”, for ArCompany, Danny Brown invokes Maslow’s Hammer: “If you have a hammer in hand, you eventually start to see a nail.” Abraham Maslow’s actual quote is perhaps even more telling than the statement now attributed to him:  “I suppose it…

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Andy Capaloff

Here are Questions to Broaden the Data Analytics Discussion

Data Questions

In my article originally titled “To Break free of the Silo, look outside of it”, I ended by saying: ”Context broadens the audience but questions from outsiders broaden the discussion.” This is the first post in a series intended to do just that, where I will pick a subject and ask what I hope are…

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Andy Capaloff

Context Broadens Audience. Questions Broaden Discussion

Breaking down silos

To Break free of the Silo, look outside of it. Seems obvious, right?  But somehow, whereas the problem is evident to many, a broad solution remains elusive.  Indeed, as communities form within the Content Marketing world, could it be that the culture is exacerbating rather than alleviating the issue? It is what prompted me to…

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Andy Capaloff

Demystifying the Data Dilemma

Every sci-fi nut/Douglas Adams fan knows that the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42.  Adams, it turns out, could have been predicting our Big Data problems when he pointed out that the reason for the unexpected answer was that the question was flawed.  In his model, the super computer Deep Thought would…

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