Paolo Fabrizio
October 9, 2017

What Happens If You Leave The ‘Why’ In Customer’s Hands

Don't Leave The 'Why' In Your Customer's Hands

“Why” is a word that tends to arise in most of our conversations, regardless the topic we’re discussing. It’s so important that Simon Sinek wrote a whole, wonderful book about it that I suggest you to read. When it comes to customer service, if you leave the whys in customer’s hands you’ll have then to deal with some specific implications: e.g. what does happen when you don’t explain the reasons of a new procedure to your customers? What’s their reaction?

This customer experience will help you learn more about these kinds of situations…

Do Not Feed Customer’s Doubts

It just happened to me a couple of days ago. I’ve received an email from my bank informing me that they are going to change my bank details (IBAN code) within the next weeks. The message was very well written and it clearly showed what actions they’re going to take and what I should do. Nevertheless, they made a BIG mistake! They did not explain why they’re going to make that change. The frst consequence was that a number of questions blinked in my mind:

  • Is this change due to compliance needs or it’s just a bank’s decision?
  • If so, why did they ask me to take some actions?
  • How will this change affect my automatic transactions (e.g. bills, salary, etc.)?

These are just three examples but I bet that other customers might have many more..

Extra effort, Lower Productivity

Then here comes the second consequence…which is even worse after leaving the ‘whys’ in customer’s hands:

  • Customers will ASK YOU the those questions (even though they’re not happy to do that)
  • Your customer service will have to handle their concerns and reply very carefully
  • This extra volume of repetitive questions will lower your average productivity standards

Example: in a large scale volume, that’s the kind of issue that Ryanair had to deal with their customers, after deciding to cancel hundreds of flights in Europe without clearly explaining the reasons why.

Useful read → 10 golden rules of customer service (by Groove)

Let’s Talk About Customer Service In New York

Delivering an effortless customer experience is the essence of this post. But it’s also one of the topics of the ‘Customer Service Summit‘ that will take place in New York next month (16,17 November). I’m honored to attend this year’s edition, being part of such a great speakers line-up with customer service managers of many important brands such as Microsoft, Samsung, Symantec, Wells Fargo, Verizon, JetBlue, Twitter – and many more.

The Customer Service Summit - NOVEMBER 16-17, 2017
I hope to meet you at the conference or during my stay in NYC (14-19 November). If you want to take a coffee with me and talk about customer service solutions, just send me an email →

Over to you

Now let’s get back back to leaving the ‘whys’ in customer’s hands. If you provide incomplete information, do not be surprised if your customers will be neither satisfied nor silent. So take care of every single interaction to prevent unnecessary questions to handle.

One final question for you: How is your experience so far? I’d love to read your comment below.


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