Paolo Fabrizio
June 7, 2022

When Your Customer Service Staff Want To Leave [Video]

Happy Customer Service Staff

You have been leading a support team for some years you may expect sooner or later to have a turnover. In fact, some customer service staff may want to leave the company to pursue new career opportunities – and that’s normal. However if the churn rate grows and involves your best collaborators, it’s a sign that something is going wrong internally. So you may be wondering: what shall I do to retain my best talents?

Avoid Customer Service Staff Churn

In order to prevent such a dangerous situation, have regular conversations with your customer service staff, also individually (1-to-1). Because if you don’t detect their dissatisfaction in a timely fashion, it will be just too late to retain them. When meeting them online, or better, in person, let them feel comfortable expressing their feelings and thoughts with open questions. For example:

‘it’s been a while since our last chat, so how are you feeling in this period?’

Or ‘thinking about these latest [n° of months] how would you describe them?’

Use and adapt these ice-breaking questions to listen carefully to your colleagues’ words, pace, and tone of voice. Focus on them and don’t say a word for at least the first 2-3 minutes while they are speaking. Afterwards, based on the first insights, dive into the main topics you want to explore, e.g. their current motivation/satisfaction. both as a team member and employee of the organization. In fact, you may learn that some customer service staff feel great within the team, yet frustrated towards the company they’re working for. As a customer service manager, it’s up to you to deep dive into the root cause during your 1-to-1 conversations. My extra help for you is sharing these two valuable tips that I’m sure you’ll take advantage of:

Are You Serving All Your Customers?

Who do you consider as customers? Only those who buy your products or services? If so, you’re off the rail, because you’re underrating your internal customers. Find out more in this brief video and feel free to share it with your peers.

Over To You

Let me take you to the end of this article stressing out two concepts and asking you a final question:

1. Your customer service staff represent the whole brand whenever they have a conversation with the customer. That’s why smart organizations invest in their digital up-skilling.

2. Since it’s not easy to hire great customer service professionals, make sure to do all that’s necessary to retain them.

So, thinking about the above topics, how well is your company doing?

Have great conversations.

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