November 21, 2017

What’s New In The Latest Google AdWords Interface?

What's New in the Google AdWords Interface?

Google launched a new interface of AdWords earlier this year. Stacked with features, the latest version claims to provide a better user experience to advertisers in comparison to the previous one.

The new Google interface was gradually rolled out to select accounts over time. It is one of the biggest changes in visual appearance since the launch of AdWords.

The revamped features facilitate smooth navigation, further helping in quick decision making. Moreover, better categorization of these features has added an aesthetically pleasing look to AdWords.

Google New Interface


Apart from the look, changes have been made in functionality as well. With these alterations, the new Google interface has left advertisers wondering about the similarities and differences compared to the previous version.

Let’s understand the changes better with the following table:

What is New Latest InterfaceWhat’s New In The Latest Google Adwords Interface?


The first and the most important change in the AdWords interface is on its display. The new dashboard comprises of a double-decker sidebar in the left panel. Different campaigns including search and display are put together, avoiding any filtering requirements, to review performance using unique campaign type.

The old home screen has been replaced by the Overview tab helping you to customize metrics in sortable tables. Many text elements have been replaced by appealing graphics showing details as you hover over them.

Overall, the dashboard looks well organized, which makes the search process easier and faster in comparison to the previous version.

Organized Display DashboardAdvanced Bid Adjustments

Managing bid adjustments has been made a lot easier with the new interface. The advanced bid adjustments in the left panel allow you to adjust your bid for calls, enabling better ad rank positioning.

For instance, the new interface lets you adjust the bids for call extensions and call-only campaigns.

New Call Extensions InterfacePromotion Extensions

Placed in the Ads and Extensions tab, promotion extensions allow you to link a specific offer in text ads. You can use these to highlight a special sale on your website.

This way, you can add more value to your ads with deals and discounts.

Discounts can be displayed in percentage as well as monetary value, eliminating the need to change ad text during holidays or when you wish to change the discount offer.

Promotions ExtensionsCharts and Heat Maps

AdWords has made it easier to analyze your PPC reports with improved visualization tools like charts, graphs, heat maps, etc.

The graphical representation of account performance by campaigns, devices, days and hours, gives better insights into your ad campaigns. The Overview tab at the top of the left panel further contributes to making analysis easier.

Charts and Heat MapsAds with Extensions

This is another great feature of Google AdWords’ new interface. Before publishing ads with extensions, you can preview how your ad will look to your users. This reduces the scope for errors.

Ads with ExtensionsThree Dots Icon

Menu items available in the left panel of the old interface are moved to the top of the new interface. The three dots vertical icon works as a drop-down menu. It lists attributes such as Bulk Actions, Billing, Conversion, etc.

Now let’s take a look at the revamped features

Demographic Targeting

Earlier, if an advertiser wanted to target users based on their average household income, they had to go to advanced location options in the Settings tab.

With the new interface, you can utilize this option from the left panel. Choose ‘Demographics’ to narrow down and reach users of different age groups and genders more effectively. You can target users based on household income, parental status, and other demographics, as per your requirement.

Demographic TargetingReporting

All reports have now been moved to a single section. The report type, formerly known as ‘Dimensions’ has now been renamed to ‘Predefined’. You can also create dashboards and customized reports from this section.

Parallel View of Campaigns and SettingsParallel View of Campaigns and Settings

The tabs at the top of the previous interface have been moved to the left panel, creating a parallel view of Campaigns and Settings tabs.

Also, previously, all the options such as Locations, Sitelinks, and Devices were available inside the “Settings” option in Campaigns. Now, you can view these settings on the same screen without going into Campaign settings.


The new AdWords interface provides an all-new experience helping you to better optimize your campaigns. From a fresh look at faster account management, easier navigation, and advanced reporting features, Google AdWords has a lot to offer.

Google has tried to take the navigation load off from advertisers by bundling up similar elements in one place. Unlike the need to add columns for specific fields while creating reports in the previous interface, the new interface saves your time with quick and easy drag and drop options.

Simpler yet smarter, Google AdWords’ new interface is a great attempt to help advertisers reach their customers in new ways.

Over To You

We really hope this article proves to be a valuable resource for you. Did any of these changes address concerns or problems you previously had? If you had Google’s ear, what further changes would you like to see? Please let us know in the comments, below.


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