Paolo Fabrizio
July 7, 2020

Deal With The Unexpected to Elevate Customer Service Standards

Elevate Customer Service Standards

“Ok, we’re all set to go.” Then, suddenly. something happens and it ruins your plans.

Of course, that’s not nice but that’s life and it’s up to you to face the issue and then get it fixed. Easier said than done though, especially when it comes to providing support to your customers regardless of the conversation that is taking place over traditional channels (phone, email) or over digital (social media, live chat, messaging apps). So when it comes to you how do you deal with the unexpected, how do you manage the irate customer?

Don’t Panic. Then Repeat Again. Don’t Panic.

When an unexpected problem arises, the first thing to do is to stay calm. Otherwise, you make wrong decisions and/or behave in counterproductive ways with your customers. So, in order to let you get actionable insights, I’ve selected the following reads for you. and highlighted the key takeaways from each:

1. What will you do when the customer screws up?  Useful techniques and examples to master a conversations with an angry customer. Main insight for you are:

    • Be aware of customer’s emotions. Why is he/she nervous, anxious, worried, or angry? Learn to detect customer’s sentiment before preparing your response. The smartest brands have already embraced this approach,
    • Be present and speedy. Regardless of the type and number of support channels you use, make sure your staff is able to respond in a quick and effective manner. especially This is SO important when it comes to delivering effective Digital Customer Service.
    • Hire the right people internally and/or through outsourcing. Turn your agents into specialists by harnessing the Digital Customer Service Personas© skill-set model – Download the free ebook here.

2. How COVID-19 has boosted Digital Customer Service and how organizations differently reacted.  The lockdown forced all of us to stay at home. It also led us, as frustrated customers, to rely on digital support to instantly deliver our queries with different results:

    • Customers easily realized where they could get effective digital support and where they hardly receive responses or just disappointing ones. (e.g. “we’re sorry for the inconvenience but we do not provide customer service through social media. Please try to call/send an email…”).
    • Brands who had already embraced Digital Customer Service successfully coped with a huge demand for digital conversations while others… [read more]

See You at Customer Service & Experience Europe 2020

Sharing best practices is one of the best ways to get inspiration and take your customer service to the next level. That’s why I’m happy to invite you to Customer Service & Experience Europe, the international conference where managers and brands gather to learn from each other. This year there are 3 important changes:

  • The conference will online [with video speaking keynotes and live video Q&A]
  • There will be a. strong focus on Digital Customer Service best practices
  • Registration is free! 😎

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Customer Service & Experience Europe 2020

Over To You

These are uncertain times for people and organizations, and the future is not easily predictable. One thing is clear though: customers became digital well before this year’s upheavals, so Digital Customer Service is here to stay. Are you equipped to meet and exceed customer’s rising expectations?

Have great conversations.


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