Susan Gilbert
May 16, 2016

Successful Webinar Strategies For Your Business

The new way to attract an audience for your business and host events is with video, which includes live streaming and online webinars. When you understand the dynamics your business can leverage this growing medium for more sales. With the right planning and strategy the process can be simple to set up and launch from your website, email campaigns, and on social media.

Webinars have been around for a while, especially with the popularity of Google Hangouts, iTunes podcasts, and Blab. In fact, 61 percent of B2B companies include this in their marketing mix according to the Content Marketing Institute:


Successful online video strategies.

Webinars give your business the ability to connect with people around the world as well as the potential of becoming recognized as a global expert and authority in your niche. This platform has the potential for great demand, regardless of your price-point, and can even help your name or brand became a leader online in your niche.

A great example of this type of success is Nathan Latka, founder of Heyo and producer of the popular podcast, The Top, which is all about the world’s top entrepreneurs who share their personal journey:


Even simple videos made from a slideshow presentation with just a few words and pictures can start the process of building an audience for your business. They key is in the way your webinar is presented that can make the difference between attracting viewers or not. Instead of focusing on fancy, special effects or using expensive equipment start with formulating how your message will be portrayed. Here are three keys to success to follow:

Simple Webinar Success Formula

1. Control their focus

Your prospects are constantly exposed to advertisements, social media updates, news articles, videos, ect. They want to get information quickly, especially if they are using a mobile device. The start of our webinar has nine seconds to get noticed, and in that time you need to convince your viewers to watch the next segment of the video.


A great way to “pattern interrupt” and get their attention is to control their focus by asking them a question. It’s pretty much impossible for the brain to ignore a question, and when you do you create the next step.

2. What’s the benefit?

Viewers need a reason to sign up for your webinar and watch your videos, which is known as a “payoff.” The goal for your business should be to produce a slisteninghow that is about your audience, and how to best meet their needs. Talk about them more than you talk about your brand, and address the desired outcome for them more than what your are selling. Show them visually what this looks like and then simply educate them on how to get there. Give them a clear path of how to get what they want in a clear and easy-to-follow format.

3. Make the sale

saleThe final step in a successful webinar is your call to action, which should include a distinct purpose of converting your viewers into buyers, which can also be seen as a pre-sale. This could include a new product launch coming soon or a special event that they can register for early for a deep discount. Whatever it is you want them to do, you need to ask for it in this important and final step, because if you don’t ask, it’s not really going to happen. Your audience should understand how this can benefit them with a specific deadline that will move them to action.

A stand-out video presentation takes planning, research, and a thorough understanding of your target market’s pain points in order to provide something of value before a sale is made. By giving your fans something that they need your business can open new doors of opportunity as well as produce viewers who will become brand ambassadors.

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