Asad Ali
January 9, 2017

10 Essential Web Design Usability Statistics [Infographic]

Wed design usability statistics

Web design usability is among the leading factors that determine the ranking of a website. It helps the website to effectively deliver its content, earn revenues and pursue its niche in the eCommerce industry. According to the latest trends, 38% of people will leave a website if it has unattractive layout and content.

An intelligently designed web site is capable of producing the ideal user experience for the customer. A good user experience means more traffic, more conversions and more revenues. In this infographic, designed and compiled by GO-Gulf web development company Dubai, we will show you the latest statistics related to web design usability that influence conversions on your eCommerce website.

web design usability statistics Infographic

Web Design Usability Statistics You Should Be Aware Of

  • 70% of small business websites don’t have Call to Actions on their home pages
  • 85% of of Website Visitors expect the Mobile Version of the website to be faster
  • 47% of Users expect a maximum of 2 seconds loading time for an average website
  • 39% of Users will abandon a website if images don’t load or take time to load
  • In a duration of 15 minutes, about 66% of users will prefer beauty over plain design
  • 44% of website visitors tend to abandon a website if there is no Contact information
  • 38% of people will leave a website if it fails to produce attractive content/layout
  • 48% more traffic is produced from websites that have 51-100 pages

Information that People want to See on the Home Page of eCommerce Websites

  • Products and Services – 86%
  • Contact Information – 64%
  • About/Company Information – 52%
  • Testimonials – 27%
  • Marketing Collateral – 23%
  • Social Media Icons – 12%
  • Blog – 8%
  • Pricing – 2%

Percentage of Users Who think You Shouldn’t Invest in a Business Website

  • Business Doesn’t Need One – 41%
  • Unbearable Cost of the Website – 19%
  • Time Required in Erecting a Website – 16%
  • Too Complex to Run – 9%
  • Businesses don’t Need One – 4%
  • Other Reasons that People Consider – 11%


What Do You Look For?

What do you look for when you visit someone else’s site? Are you perhaps guilty of not providing everything you want to see elsewhere? What gets you to click off a site? Are you as surprised as us that only 8% of people look for a blog? Please leave your comments below.


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