Susan Gilbert
November 11, 2014

Got Video? Build Engagement

Create Sharable Content

It is usually not an accident when a video goes viral; but more often because of a well executed plan.

Your business, too, can produce a video that users love to share – even if you aren’t a big brand with a large production budget.

According to a 2014 video marketing report from Invodo:

“52 percent of marketers around the world say that video brings them the best ROI.”

I hope you are cheering right now.  This is great news for any individual or business who wants to build more engaged followers on social media whiles creating eye-catching videos for their re-purposed content.

Mobile also has a part to play in this type of social media marketing, and according to the report:

“69% of smartphone users love viewing product videos as it provides them with a quick overview.”

If your business has not started a video marketing campaign, the time to start is now. It’s easier and more affordable than you might think and does not need to be heavily produced.  It’s more about understanding what you audience will want to watch (more than once) and send along to like-minded people.

Here’s several ways to create content that your market will love:

● Quality Matters – A professional looking video is a direct reflection on your business. When putting this together be sure that your material is no more than 90 seconds, and that it is a well-crafted production. This can be done on a low-budget with camera equipment or through a freelance video production individual or company. Places like oDesk, Fiverr, and eLance are all good resources to find reputable talent.

● Focus on the need, not sales – It’s tempting to put our best face forward and showcase our latest product or service. But this can actually hinder your video from being shared. Instead, produce something that is not only interesting and informative, but answers the pressing questions of your viewers.

● Stand out from the crowd – Consider making a shocking, funny, or surprising video which will increase your chances of going viral on social media. This not only humanizes your business and puts people at ease, but also shows them that it’s not all about business. People love interesting or humorous videos, which of course should always be done in good taste. Fast Company put together the top five branded videos that went viral in 2013. Here’s one that really did well on social media from Red Bull:

● Cross promotion works – According to eMarketer, “Marketers who use video in email cite increased click through rates, increased time spent reading the email, increased sharing and forwarding, increased conversion rates, and increased dollars generated as the top benefits.” Not only should your business share its video with your subscribers, but should also post to social networks like Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Google Plus, Facebook, ect. Consider also creating a press release with a link to your video for even more exposure.

There is more to creating a great video than just the process of development. It takes creativity, planning, and promotion to increase your business’s chances of your video becoming viral. Social sharing is a big part of this equation, but don’t leave out your other outlets like email and blog posts.

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