Susan Gilbert
April 20, 2015

Use Twitter Advanced Search To Bring More Traffic to Your Business

If you want to generate more leads through social media for your business while enhancing the relationships of both your followers and customers then Twitter Advanced Search can help.

Conversation and word of mouth are two powerful forces on Twitter, which allows users to narrow in on their target market through this powerful search tool, which is free to use and is a great piece of the puzzle to implement.

According to Statistic Brain there are approximately 289,000,000 active users on Twitter with 58 million tweets going out each day. Using the advanced search feature enables your business to find exactly who to reach in your target market with results featuring specific tweets.

For example, here is a narrow search on #OrganicCoffee #OrganicTea #Fairtrade hashtags with ‘health benefits’ as a question in English, which produced these results:

With so many different tweets, phrases and keywords being sent out each second a focused search can help in your market research as well as going beyond the basic trends and subjects in a regular search.

In order to generate more leads and sales consider the benefits of a targeted search on Twitter:

● Find influencers and other users important to your business – A simple “to:Username” or “fromUsername” can provide information on your competitors as well as what your customers’ needs are through questions. Here’s a great example of how customers are interacting with the popular restaurant chain, Applebees:


This is also a good way to find local companies by adding a zip code parameter like this one to your search:

“#tophashtag” near:zip code within:miles or km

● Locate customer questions and feedback – Would you like to know what your customers are saying about you? This information is important to customer service and in your overall marketing strategy. Depending on your niche you would enter a common problem or issue with a 🙁 or 🙂 symbol, and find out the pain points of your audience. Quick responses can help you retain and build and audience. Many people are shifting more toward social media to get their questions answered, and so your business will greatly benefit by tracking the latest conversations.

● Specific keyword or phrase research – Much like a search engine entry putting quotes around specific terms or phrases will also help hone in on what is the important to your target market. Discovery can include popular hashtags, influencers to follow, and what languages are being used.

In addition to using this free tool try also other services like Topsy to hone in on even more results found on Twitter.

As your business uses Twitter Advanced search you will find that the various categories will enable you drill down and be as specific as possible in your results for better target market research, keyword ideas, and an understanding of the needs of your audience. This is also a good way to connect with those who are influential in your industry as well as becoming more active in your communication with your followers.

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