Susan Gilbert
August 31, 2015

Turn Your Content into a Lead Magnet for Your Business

Blogging, as you probably already know, has the potential to draw new leads and customers to your business. With the right strategy your business can use this platform to grow your presence online and in social media.

According to Hubspot, businesses who have an active blog have a 126% high lead growth rate than those who do not:

It’s not too late or complicated to get the content marketing engine running at full speed. By taking a look at what your readers are asking you can provide helpful and engaging information that provides a high level of value. This strategy sells your products or services for you as your audience begins to trust your business as a go-to resource.

Fresh, original content will garner the most attention from your readers. Your business does not need to project itself as a “guru” or “expert.” In fact, transparency goes a lot farther as you begin to relate to your audience on their level.

There are several formulas that will enable you to create a winning content marketing strategy for your business:

Enlist the help of other professionals – Interviews, references, and guest blogging from experts in your industry can help propel your business blog quickly, especially from a well-known source. Tap into your LinkedIn network to help get the ball rolling, as well as reaching out to other blog owners in your industry.

Use catchy headlines – Capture the attention of your mobile and desktop readers right away with titles that stand out from the rest. After researching what is already being posted online create something that will be unique to your topic with a more narrow focus on specific keywords. Here’s a great example from the marketing blog, Socially Sorted, by Donna Moritz:

social sorted

Keep the flow going – If your business needs to improve your content marketing then publishing at least three times a week will be essential to your success. After building a good audience and following many bloggers can produce two posts a week in order to focus other tasks like managing social media, email marketing, and sales. Check in on a regular basis with your comments and mentions online in order to build an authentic presence.

Cross promote to social media – Important events, celebrations, customer reviews, and the personal side to your company should be shared from your blog directly to social media. Use images and video according to the platform used such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, ect. Make it easy for your readers to also share your posts with social sharing buttons that are optimized for each network.

A variety of blogging strategies can be used according to your target market. Keep it fresh with infographics, professional images, video, and presentations with a website that is mobile-ready. Track what your readers respond to the most, including social shares, and keep up with the latest styles being used by other business blogs in your industry.

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