Susan Gilbert
August 26, 2014

Turn Stale Content Into Fresh Ideas For Your Business

Are you creating a lot of content for your business blog, but still not getting the results you need?

Maybe it’s not so much the quantity that matters, but rather the quality. We need to ‘water the flowers’ and keep our marketing current with fresh ideas.

Search engines showcase the articles that attract an audience as well as engages them. While publishing regular content is important, your business should also be considering its target audience and write articles that are both fresh and original.

Increase Website Visitors & Conversions

Imagine going beyond the mundane, run-of-the-mill 20 articles per month, and also publishing videos, case studies, in-depth articles, podcasts, and other enticing blog posts. By catching your reader’s attention you will not only build a great reputation, but become more visible on search engines.

But where should a business start with creating great content for it’s audience? The first step is to get an understanding of who your target market is then come up with ideas that will appeal to their needs and desires. By providing the answers that they need they will be coming back for more, which could potentially lead to more sales.

Fresh Ideas Count

stale-contentPublishing often is still important, along with sharing your articles online through your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube. Here are a few ideas to get your wheels turning in the right direction.

  • Write blog posts daily – Don’t allow this to overwhelm you! A typical blog post is between 300 to 750 words, and can be written in a casual tone. A big concept can be broken down into a one minute point and introductory in its approach. Consider hiring a ghostwriter or inviting a guest blogger who has a good reputation and following on their own blog.
  • Reference other content – Does your business subscribe to a professional blog that provides great content? Not only can you curate some of these articles inside your own posts with a brief summary, but you can also get more ideas for your website and write a fresh blog post with a new spin.
  • Include multimedia and images – The last thing people want to read are a continuous string of text related posts. Spice things up a bit with videos, images, and infographics. Try gathering information from a text article either on your website or another professional blog, then create a video or infographic based on that content. Through mixing these elements into your writing schedule your business is creating a fresh and interesting perspective that your audience will pay attention to.

When you begin to start thinking outside the box it is amazing how many different ways your business can come up with for engaging content. Planning a schedule of posts will also help you stay on track and free up your time to generate more ideas for your blog. Track your progress after at least a full month of new articles, and see how these ideas attract more visitors and leads.


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