Paolo Fabrizio
March 2, 2021

Turn Customer Conversations Into Intimate Moments

Great Customer Conversations

“Don’t worry about a thing, it’s just you and me now.” This romantic phrase may let you think about a love story. Yet it may also occur between companies and customers. And when it does, something magic happens. Today, as the volume of digital customer conversations is growing by the hour all over the world, chances are you need to optimize them in order to nurture and consolidate relationships. So fasten your seat belt to bring your conversations to a new level.

Set (Your Own) Tone Of Voice in Customer Conversations

When you look into customer conversations in detail, language plays a crucial role. The smartest brands have upgraded their digital conversations, moving from a traditional/corporate tone towards a conversational one. And they are enjoying great results. In fact, customers immediately tell the difference from your competitor’s same old refrain since they can easily identify themselves in it. Moreover, as they perceive a sort of intimacy, they consequently attribute an added value to your products or services.

Looking for an example? Here’s an excerpt from an email I received a few days ago from my insurer. You will be amazed and I’m sure you will love it. ↓

“[…] A consultant is at your disposal to illustrate the offer for next year.

If during a call you hear someone calling “mom” or the voice signal is not perfect, be patient because we are answering you from our homes […].

A gem like that can bring home these valuable lessons:

  • Be personal. Avoid ‘brandalese’ language or any related tone of voice that may sound old and already heard way too often. Set up and consistently use your tone of voice which can mix standard elements (e.g. the first line of the above example) with unusual ones (the second line).
  • Be conversational. Provided you maintain professionalism, talk to your customer as it’s a one-to-one informal chat. Describe your space, your actions, and your emotions. Make the difference by adding your personal, human touch.
  • Be brave! Having worked for many years in insurance companies, I thought they would never humanize or modernize. But the above example proved me wrong! So, If they succeeded, you have no excuses. You can make it too.

Over To You

In 2021, there is no brand that can claim ‘this can’t be done’ or ‘this doesn’t work in our industry.’ The sooner you’ll let your customer conversations evolve, the better. To make a long story short, the first are called innovators, while those who join later simply become followers. So, what are you? A leader/innovator, or a follower?

Have great conversations.

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Paolo Fabrizio

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