Paolo Fabrizio
November 10, 2020

The New Customer Service Refrain You’d Better Sing Along To

The New Digital Customer Service Refrain

When we listen to a new song, we tend to memorize sequences that are being repeated. Similarly, when having a conversation with customers both us and them will easily focus on concepts explained and confirmed. However, it’s important that we use different words and conversational inflections. We cannot come across as sounding as if this is something we do all day long – even if we do!

Memorization though, is just a part of the deal, since we then need to make sure that the customer has understood what we meant. Otherwise, there would not be any effective communication and our customer service refrain would remain useless.

Is Your Customer Service Transactional or Conversational?

This is the first question you’d better ask yourself. In fact, the fast movement away from traditional support channels (e.g. phone/email), towards digital ones (social media, live chat, messaging apps), has already introduced new behavior and expectations amongst customers. Accordingly, smart brands have already embraced Digital Customer Service, while at the same time adopting an omnichannel approach.

But when you do that, you need to embrace a new philosophy. You must sing a new customer service refrain which is conversational rather than transactional. In a nutshell, you can tell the main differences in this infographic:

From transactional to conversational support

Source: ‘The guide to moving from transactional to conversational support‘ by Kustomer

The icing on the cake is then leveraging the quality of digital interactions with customers, taking care of each conversation in detail.

Dive Deeper With These Resources

1. How can your team embrace this new mindset to deliver more personalized support at scale? You can download Kustomer’s guide using this link. You’ll find in it what conversational support really means, why it’s imperative to adopt a conversational support strategy, and how to provide conversational support to build lifelong customer relationships.

2. How about your staff up-skilling? Dealing with your customers over social media, live chat or messaging apps is a different job even for the most seasoned customer service agents! That’s why many brands have already harnessed the Digital Customer Service Personas© skill-set model to turn their support agents into digital conversation specialists.

3. By now, a large number of consumers all over the world have sought assistance through digital channels. This strong demand for Digital Customer Service put many brands under pressure. So what are the main critical aspects to manage? Learn about the 2 rock solid ingredients for a successful Digital Customer Service program.

Over To You

Customers know very well the song they want to listen to. Update your refrain if you want them to be listening and enjoying your musical notes. Let them mirror your brand values in a consistent way. Build long-lasting relations brick by brick, interaction upon interaction.

That’s why at the end of my articles I always wish you ‘have great conversations’.

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