Susan Gilbert

Get The Most Out Of Social Media Groups for Your Business

Get The Most Out Of Social Media Groups

The new way to reach your target audience on social media is through building authentic relationships. Groups are a good place to start because the people there share a common goal, and can help each other in a much more enjoyable, organic, and rewarding way. In order to have more influence, your business needs to…

Susan Gilbert

Get More Exposure for Your Business with Online Groups

Online Groups

Would you like to see more interactions on your blog and on social media? Have the latest algorithm changes online affected your business’s reach and sales? You can attract more loyal and targeted fans and followers by joining and interacting with professional niche groups on social media. LinkedIn in particular has skyrocketed in website referral…

Susan Gilbert

Drive Visitors to Your Business with Groups

When someone arrives at your website landing page for the first time this is considered a ‘cold lead,’ with the next step capturing their information with an inviting optin form. While this is an important element to your business, you can also create a ‘warm lead’ by joining and interacting with professional groups on social…