Jan Gordon

Curatti On Air – The Ana Hoffman Interview (Video)

Ana Hoffman Curatti On Air

Ana Hoffman’s path to marketing success was not a typical one. You will have to ask her why she moved from modeling into blogging. Once she made the switch, and with the usual trial and error, she became a leading traffic generation expert (expert is my word, not hers!). She happily borrows from the old…

Alice Elliott

14 Tricks You Can Try If You Want To Get More Blog Readers

14 tricks to get more blog readers

You put all your heart and soul into writing posts on your blog, and yet it seems you get hardly any readers. This doesn’t seem fair. Especially when other blogs seems to produce (in your opinion) inferior posts and they seem to have thousands of readers. What is it that they’re doing right and you’re doing wrong?…

Susan Gilbert

Got Video? Build Engagement

Create Sharable Content It is usually not an accident when a video goes viral; but more often because of a well executed plan. Your business, too, can produce a video that users love to share – even if you aren’t a big brand with a large production budget. According to a 2014 video marketing report…

Susan Gilbert

Turn Stale Content Into Fresh Ideas For Your Business

Are you creating a lot of content for your business blog, but still not getting the results you need? Maybe it’s not so much the quantity that matters, but rather the quality. We need to ‘water the flowers’ and keep our marketing current with fresh ideas. Search engines showcase the articles that attract an audience…