Jan Gordon
February 3, 2017

Curatti On Air – The Ana Hoffman Interview (Video)

Ana Hoffman Curatti On Air

Ana Hoffman’s path to marketing success was not a typical one. You will have to ask her why she moved from modeling into blogging. Once she made the switch, and with the usual trial and error, she became a leading traffic generation expert (expert is my word, not hers!).

She happily borrows from the old saying:

“My overnight success took me 10 years to build”

She added, though: “I made all the same mistakes as everyone else”.

Traffic Generation Café is her second blog. While working on her first, she realized that it’s not only about content creation, but also where the audience is coming from.

Traffic Generation Café came from this, using the lessons from the first effort.

Not a Natural Born Writer

Surprise! Ana used to hate writing, and admits it doesn’t come naturally to her.

The reason is really simple, and she found it easy to overcome.

At the time she broke into blogging, the prevailing style was ‘over-writing’. Using flowery wording, people would add language beyond what was needed in order to get the point across. And being that Ana thinks in a more bulleted manner, this was difficult for her. She basically had to be someone other than herself in order to write.

She encourages people to shed their online personas when writing, as she shed hers. And always write to your niche! In all likelihood, you will write to your audience anyway, as your mindset is geared towards that niche. So, write as you speak. Simply, write whatever comes out of you, then edit down from there. Keep the words you need to get your point across and maintain the attention of your readers. It’s the opposite of over-writing!

Boomerang Marketing

The real point of this interview was for Ana to introduce people to her Boomerang Marketing system. It revolves around layers of content repurposing, with, in Ana’s case, an emphasis on Slideshare.

Her system is a great traffic generator. I’m not going to tell you everything that was discussed, because then you wouldn’t need to watch/listen to the video!

The interview is very vibrant and fast moving.

The Ana Hoffman Interview


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