Susan Gilbert

How to Best Connect with Influencers

Connect with Influencers

Has your business made the right connections with important influencers in your niche yet? These are the online voices who have the ability to reach audiences and compel them to take action based on their advice and recommendations. Leaders like these have invested time and effort over a long period to build trust and authority.…

Dustin Ford

Video Marketing – How It’s Influencing Your Business

Video Marketing

Video is no longer and up-and-coming marketing tactic. It’s here, and 2016 has been declared the year of video, as more and more businesses are using its power to create more influence for their brands. And, if done right, to connect with their customers and form a different kind of bond that other strategies cannot…

Susan Gilbert

Create Viral Press Releases and Content

As a business you want to encourage your visitors to share your content and attract the media and influencers at the same time. This is same whether you are creating press releases, website pages, or blog articles. Digital marketing expert, Neil Patel, defines viral as “relating to a piece of content that is circulated rapidly…

Andrew Hutchinson

Influencer Marketing: One Voice Can Make A Difference

Sometimes, the way we think about influence is wrong. Or not wrong, but maybe our perception of what influence is isn’t quite correct. Generally, when you think of what influences you or what influences those around you, you think of movements, of shifts in sentiment based on experiences and inputs, and those shifts – at…

Daniel Newman

What Is The Relationship Between Influence And Expertise?

“In a world where people are overwhelmingly seeking out high impact content to help them make purchase decisions, should brands be aligning with experts to serve the role of influencer?” The Makings of An Expert What is an expert anyway? By definition it is someone having comprehensive or authoritative knowledge in a particular area. In…

Jan Gordon

3 Must Have Elements of Every Social Media Strategy

Social media marketers are faced with a lot of resources these days, and must focus in order to be able to succeed. For the strategists who work with marketers, the primary task is to be able to pick and choose what is important to the business and what activities will net the most return on…

Albert Qian

Why Influencers are Important For Your Brand

Saying that marketing is expensive is equivalent to beating a dead horse, but it’s the truth. With so many options today in digital, email, printing, and branding costs, just to name a few. In today’s day and age, finding influencers for your brand, either through customer acquisition or reaching out is one of the most…