Varun Sharma
February 14, 2018

7 Ways That Social Media is Affecting Us Positively

7 Positive Effects of Social Media

Editor’s note: Two weeks ago, we published this excellent article by Dina Indelicato: Is Social Media Really an Existential Threat? There is a flip side though. And Varun Sharma presents it here. While you will be aware of most of the points put forward, the article is nevertheless timely.

How Social Media is Affecting Us Positively

Unfortunately, it has become fashionable to blame social media for everything that ails society.

Before you decide to pull the plug, read on to discover how social media influences the life of people- in a good way! If used right, media can surely alter lives for good.

We have detailed 7 of the ways that social media is affecting our lives for the better. Read on…

Social Media Is a Way to Enhance our Connectivity

It is an effortless way to connect with the like-minded people. You are just a single click away from an incredible number of such people. Regardless of location and religion, social networks are helpful in reviving and preserving relationships with other people.

It has become easier for us to connect with business people, family and friends. Even, many top most companies directly approach candidates through social networking sites like LinkedIn. We can also interact with people of authority who might help us in our careers.

Social Media: An Important Component of the Business Strategies

Social media skills have long-since stopped being considered niche. Instead, it affects the way whole organizations run and grow. It has become the primary means of getting the word out about your business.

How it helps in expanding a business?

  • Social Media advertising is cheaper as compared to traditional advertising
  • It reaches all ages and demographics
  • Its users are active, and it promotes two-way communication
  • You can share a lot about your business on various platforms

Social Media Has a Lot of Benefits for Students and Teachers

It has become very easy to get knowledge from renowned experts and professionals through the social media. You can easily follow anyone to boost your knowledge. Regardless of your educational background, you can learn various skills without paying for them.

Did you know- 59% of schools say their students use social networking for educational purposes.

It Can be Used for Noble Causes

Yes, social media can be used for various noble causes like social welfare activities and promotion of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). Not only this, but it also helps to change the way people live. It creates awareness and helps people to discover various innovations that help them enhance their own lives. Every individual from a farmer to a teacher can benefit from the awareness factor of social media.

Social Media Helps in Building Communities

It helps followers of various religions, nationalities and interests to form communities in order to discuss and spread the word. Sports lovers can follow sports communities. Car lovers, music lovers and movie buffs can reminisce, converse and keep up to date with their hobbies. It is definitely not about exploitation. Rather, it is about service to the community.

Social Media Can Benefit Mental Health Too

Emotions expressed online affect your mood. It not only helps to relieve social isolation but also open new communication pathways and offers much-needed support. It allows people to share their thoughts without revealing their identity. And it develops within people an enhanced talent of self-expression without any fear.

Social Media Is a Way to Save Lives

Lives are not only saved only by 24-hour suicide prevention hotlines. Spreading awareness and motivating people is important too. And simply assuring people that they are not alone – or the only ones with their set of problems – can be really important for some. Large numbers of websites now offer support through social platforms. Such websites are allowing people to share their experience with others and motivate them without fear of revealing their identities. What can be better than saving a life? Isn’t everything else secondary?


From all the listed points it is now much easier to state that Social Media is definitely a boon. The pros and cons of social media totally depend on how we use it.

This article from offers over 50 different social media post ideas. You’ll surely find something worth sharing on social media.

But it is also important to consider the flip side in order to avoid any sort of complications. It is essential for you to verify sources and truth, rather than taking everything you see as fact. You don’t want to be “hauled over the coals” due to a wrong move you make by posting something that is poorly researched and ultimately debunked! The way you communicate your thoughts to your audience is a way to increased popularity – provided those thoughts are well contained with verified truths and sources.

It is in your hands whether you use the platforms provided to you wisely so that they prove to be helpful to you and your followers.

Have Your Say

We’ve now presented both a cautious view of Social Media, and a very positive one. Do you have any thoughts you’d like to add on either side? Please share them in the comments section, below.

Varun Sharma is a Digital Marketing Expert and director of the fastest growing Social Media Marketing Company in India, KVR WebTech Pvt. Ltd. You can tweet him @varunsharma1800


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