Susan Gilbert
September 28, 2015

Showcase Your Business by Publishing A Book

You’ve worked hard at establishing your business reputation and expertise through great content, and a strong social media presence.

Now may be the time to consider publishing a book whether in print, digital format, or both.

The benefits of publishing are numerous, including:

●      Increased visibility for more leads and sales

●      Spreading the word on your knowledge and expertise

●      Attracting influencers

●      Brand credibility

Any business large and small can publish a book whether you are a startup or have been in business for years. There are numerous approaches to take including lessons learned while building a business, a knowledge-based book on a product or new trend, personal testimonials, and so on. Every company has something of interest and value to offer to their readers.

Lynne Klippel of Magnolia Media Network (formerly The Future of Ink) interviewed business owner and now author, Susan S. Freeman, on her success post publication. Before her book Freeman said that it was challenging to get a speaking engagement or interview. Now her coaching business has exploded, and she speaks at national conferences, local venues, and to corporations.

There are several ways your business can prepare when planning your first or next book publication. Keep in mind these steps:

●      Build an audience through content – The first rule of order is to create a strong online presence with your blog, and then on your social media networks. With fresh, insightful, and original content, which includes images, slide presentations, and videos, you can attract a ready audience. Offer free reports and tips that are valuable and useful as a build-up to your actual book.

●      Tap into the your existing network – What professional connections can your business contact for recommendations and book reviews? Your satisfied customers may also be another good point of reference before your book is published.

●      Attract the media and influencers through publicity – Plan ahead of time several press releases before your book becomes available. These can be anything from a series of blog posts to a special event. Additionally you can get the word out there about your business knowledge by hosting live or recorded webinars, which are becoming especially popular on Twitter, Blab, and YouTube. Author and entrepreneur, Joel Comm, does a great show with guest interviews of top industry experts:


Once your business has established an interested audience a targeted publishing strategy is the next step in putting your name on the map as a go-to resource for your market. Your book will not only open the door of opportunity for more leads and sales, but will also establish your name as an industry expert.

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