Powerful B2B Lead Generation Service

We specialize in generating qualified B2B leads for individuals and small businesses!

Our lead generation plans are designed for serious B2B companies who want to grow their network with qualified decision makers for their products and services. We work closely with you to develop a clearly defined Lead Generation campaign with 3 goals in mind:


The methods we use are designed to quickly increase your B2B connections on LinkedIn. Our customized strategy will make sure that you stand out from the crowd, and place you in direct contact with real decision makers. We guarantee that the B2B leads you receive are pre-qualified and are interested in your products and services. You can be assured that each person we deliver as a lead will be READY and WILLING to speak to you.

How it Works

Targeting & Discovery

You send us the job titles, keywords, and locations, of the people that you want to be connected with, and our team will research and discover the exact people that are looking for what you offer.

Make Connections

An account manager will work daily on your behalf to make connections with the ideal people that we discovered for you during the targeting stage. Each day your network will grow with qualified people.

Initiate Conversations

We will get conversations started on your behalf and start to build a relationship with all of your newly formed connections. It’s during this stage where we will gauge the interest level of your products and services.

Leads & Reporting

Each week you will receive a detailed report showing all of the new connections that you have received along with the number of qualified leads generated from your campaign.



Curatti has helped me to grow my personal brand and business very effectively on LinkedIn since we started working together. I have gained close to 1000 new connections, and have new business opportunities presented to me each week. The team and their expertise at Curatti have been excellent and I could not ask for a better partnership that the one I have found at this time. 

Narissa Singh

Business Owner, WECAN Strategies

I’ve been working with Curatti for almost a year now and the service and expertise has been excellent. My professional network has grown tremendously, and I still continue to receive a steady flow of leads from LinkedIn after so much time I highly recommend Curatti’s lead generation service for any size company looking to grow their business online. 

Wess Walters

Business Owner, Marketing Massive

We have 2 plans to choose from

Premium Lead Generation Plan

  • Personalized LinkedIn Lead Generation Plan
  • Profile and Summary Review
  • Strategy Planning
  • Sales Letters and Scripts
  • Content Creation
  • Daily Content Posting
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Custom Targeting
  • Lead Prospecting – 150 new connections per week
  • Personalized Messaging
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Leads Delivered Weekly
  • Monthly review and strategy calls
  • ****2 – custom written articles per month***
  • ***Articles published on your website blog and LinkedIn profile***
  • ***Your custom articles posted to 10 different LinkedIn groups to improve your visibility.****
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