Susan Gilbert
October 21, 2014

Rock Your Website – Moving Up!

Want Your Website to Convert Traffic?

Clean navigation for website conversion and visitor appeal, along with good frameworks like WordPress, will provide you with a rockn’ website that directs your visitors to take the actions that will convert them into prospects and customers.

An effective website is one that is clear, focused, and makes a good first impression rather than being outlandish or too spammy. Your business may have hired a professional web developer to build an online presence in the past, which may have been very expensive after a lot of coding. It’s a good idea to still work with a professional when it comes to having a strong presence online, but the options are much better today with the WordPress platform.

When your business has a need to be online a self-hosted WordPress website can be up and running in a matter of days as opposed to what used to be month of programming and fine tuning. The good news is that the cost is now very low with thousands of professional templates and plugins available to match your brand’s image.

A customized website will encourage more visitors that can be converted into sales. WordPress’s framework allows for unique adjustments that include built-in meta filters that are easily recognized by search engines, which greatly reduces the cost and time of optimization.

Here are a few features that a WordPress website offers for businesses who want to create a professional, and highly functional landing page that visitors will love, and examples of some of our ‘website makeovers’:

1. Customizable themes and frameworks – Sometimes it is easier to create a simple website on a platform like Wix or Weebly. But for the business who wants to take their landing page to the next level it is well worth the expense to invest in a WordPress theme that will help improve their search engine ranking and make a great impression for visitors. It pays to work with a developer who knows how to install and configure frameworks like Genesis, and then add a theme to your domain to match your brand. The possibilities are endless with this option, and your business can be as creative as you’d like. The Genesis framework was used for this website, and included a theme that was customized with added plugins for functionality:


2. Added functionality – In the above example notice a video has been added to a slider on the front page of the website. WordPress is flexible in that there are different plugins and widgets that can be added to create a call-to-action, capture leads, display products and services, connect to social media, and so much more. On my website, for example, I have a widget that allows for visitors to connect with me on Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter:


3. More menu options – Your website is not locked into a WordPress theme when it comes to menu customization and the order of items. With the help of a designer you can create eye-catching menus that match your brand’s image. It’s good practice to make these simple to find and navigate for your visitors. Check out this simple menu, which blends nicely into the header background:


Understanding the power of a well designed website will help you determine whether you are ready to take your website to the next level. It’s important to review portfolio examples and testimonials from developers and designers with well-planned budget to meet your company’s needs.

In today’s highly competitive environment online it is important to have a business website that will not only stand out to your visitors, but one that ranks highly in Google’s search results.  Make sure you are addressing both for the best website presence – and keep your business ‘moving up’.

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