Jan Gordon
May 17, 2018

Quick Tips For Smart Content Curation

Quick Guide To Content Curation

With the wealth of Data supporting the value of Content Marketing, even those who do not currently leverage its value, are under no doubt as to its importance.

As experienced writers are all too aware, it’s almost impossible to write truly unique content. That said, we must all inject something in our articles that draws the attention of potential readers. Some will also be potential clients.

One of the ways we can be of most use is by using content curation techniques.

To help you (or your clients) understand what we’re talking about, we’ve put together the following guidelines.

What Exactly Is Content Curation?

Content curation is presenting the most relevant, useful and valuable written pieces to your target audience by previously identifying and sorting through the existing content on the Internet. To make your content more attractive to different audiences, you can categorize it into specific, field-focused topics to spark interest and engagement in the reader.

Depending on the type of business you are engaged in and the audience you are targeting, content can be informative, education, entertaining, and field-focused (technical). At times you’ll want to include elements of each. But always with a focus on top quality and high audience relevance.

Here’s a short guide for a better insight into smart content curation:

The Value of Content Curation

If done right, the value of content curation is enormous! It is cheaper than creating original content. It is also much cheaper while being just as equally effective, if not more so in some instances.

And it is super beneficial to both businesses and individual users on a tight budget.

Although the base of content curating revolves around gathering useful information on the internet and putting them in one piece, that doesn’t mean you are claiming other writers’ work as your own. Instead, you are organizing the available content into a meaningful whole and presenting it to the audience that finds interest and can benefit from it.

Content curators always mention or quote the source to keep their work ethic and improve their reputation and visibility.

Identify Relevant Content

The critical element of successful content curation is knowing what type of information is relevant to the piece you are looking to write. With so many sources available on the Net, it is easy to get tricked into grabbing the wrong type of content for reference. Moreover, the content curator needs to have some knowledge of the topic they are researching and writing. And they must have a good understanding of your target audience’s expectations.

That’s why it’s always best to work with experienced content editors and curators like our writers at Curatti. Curatti content curators will go the extra mile to find relevant information and resources and put together content that will spare your audience of the need for additional online research.

Organize & Be Consistent

To bring the most value to your viewers, you need to be able to organize the content properly and keep your content consistency in check. Whether you are organizing the content into categories or groups that relate to your audience/specific topic or you are writing lengthy pieces, it’s essential you know what type of content organization sits best with your target audience.

You can:

Whatever tactics you choose – stay consistent.

In Closing

Content curation is not such a new concept. But it is becoming more mainstream within Digital Marketing. And it is the most effective way to improve your brand awareness, encourage customer engagement and save you money on the creation your content.

Looking to add value to your business? Check out our Professional Content Services landing page and fill in the contact form. We’ll be happy to talk shop and help you!


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