Susan Gilbert
August 24, 2015

Mobile Sales Just Got Better for Businesses

Is your business active on Instagram and Pinterest?

If yes, Great!

If not, get started.

There is no better time than now to build up your network and take advantage of the latest mobile updates from these two platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn in particular should all be included in your business marketing strategy to bring in more leads and sales. Adding Instagram and Pinterest to this mix will greatly improve your visibility and conversions as well.

According to an article on Shopify, Instagram and Pinterest take top spots in online sales:

shopify sales

Much of these sales are generated from mobile users, which is becoming more popular than purchasing from a computer according to Smart Insights:

Internet usage

The good news for businesses active on these two large social networks is that you can greatly increase your sales and followers by taking advantage of two new features recently announced: Shop Now on Instagram, and Buyable Pins from Pinterest.

Let’s take a look at each to learn more about their benefits:

Instagram – This platform isn’t just for teens any more. Today major brands like Microsoft, Target, and the Seattle Seahawks have been successfully using the Sponsored Ads feature with great results. Christopher Ratcliff of Econsultancy reported that the U.K. retailer Burberry “achieved a 16,500 likes and a few hundred positive comments (or at least not outwardly negative ones), however this is only half the number of likes its posts normally receive (between 30,000 – 40,000).”

The Shop Now feature expands on its ads platform in a recent announcement on Instagram’s blog, which explains that businesses will soon be able to to drive more sales with a new direct-response approach. This means that users will be able to make a purchase directly from Instagram, and that ads will become more focused and targeted to a specific niche based on a user’s “passions,” such as entertainment, travel, ect.


Pinterest – In the beginning this social network was mostly used by women interested in sharing recipes, craft ideas, fashion, and pets. Now this has grown into a robust platform that has been adopted by men as well from a wide range of age groups, including teens. As the need for businesses to sell directly here grew, the company took notice and announced their new Buyable Pins option.

Pinterest Ads are also available for businesses, however; the new feature aims to make sales even easier whether you sell products or services. The blue buyable pin will be made highly visible to your potential buyers, which is especially good for attracting mobile customers.

Pinterest buyable pin

Whether your business is large or small both of these new options could work well both for attracting sales and growing your followers online. Now is a great time to optimize for mobile and build up your networks on Instagram and Pinterest in order to be ready for these new opportunities to officially be released, which will be announced in the coming months.

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