Susan Gilbert
August 22, 2016

4 Ways Interactive Content Attracts An Audience

The lifeblood of the Internet and social media is driven by human interaction. Without it we would have a stale, flat information portal.

Any successful marketing plan involves provoking your audience to take action. Facebook and other major social networks continuously adapt their algorithms because of this — pushing us toward a more humanized approach.

Building relationships with your leads and customers takes establishing trust through valuable content and interactions with your community on your blog and through social media.

As technology evolves, a one-way approach no longer works. Smart marketing involves adapting content to mobile devices with less text, and more of the visuals that draw in an audience. Let’s face it — we enjoy interacting on apps more than we do our own computers!

According to the Content Marketing Institute, there will be a 75 percent increase in interactive content this year:

Interactive Content Chart

What Makes Content Interactive?

There are several ways your business can be creative in your audience approach. Once you hook your lead’s attention, they will naturally want to know more. You can effectively tap into their curiosity with quizzes, contests, polls, and more. Let’s take a look at a four examples of popular methods:

1. Infographics

Turn your content into visuals that take the reader through an interactive journey. With a clever design, they can explore your statistics, ideas, etc. This places them in the driver’s seat of the buyer’s decision process. Andrea Ovans writes it best on Harvard Business Review: “A great infographic is an instant revelation.” Here’s a great example from Information is Beautiful:


2. Visual galleries

This a powerful way to attract an audience with professional quality product demonstrations, customer testimonials, photo and video portfolios, and more. It especially makes the mobile experience more enjoyable as well as informative. Your work can be broken down into a slide and responsive thumbnails like this website from The Brand Union:


3. Interactive maps

These visuals can quickly lead your customers through your organization, which is especially useful for local brick and mortar businesses. Tools like Mapme, Zeepmaps, and Maptive allow your business to create and share a map based on the viewer’s interests where they can add their own locations and discover more about what you have to offer – like this one on OldSF:


4. Targeted Videos

These can be used to help your leads and customers find the right products in an appealing format. Intuitive software uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) similar to what we see on augmented reality games like Pokémon Go with rich video that entertains and informs. Use this type of visual marketing to provide product education, as well as an easy to use digital shopping experience:



With strong visuals, your business can turn your traditional content marketing into an audience magnet by encouraging interactions. Your leads and customers are seeking great offers and new ways to gather information. Use this marketing method to help your brand stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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