Chris Richardson
October 3, 2017

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience

Improve Your Customer Experience

A business that manages to completely satisfy its customers often benefits of long-lasting success. When someone hears about your brand, sees an ad on Facebook, or visits your site for the first time, they automatically become an important component of your business.

This random person now becomes a potential customer. Once that happens, you need to offer him or her a positive customer experience, with the hopes of winning his interest. If your brand can offer an extraordinary customer experience, people won’t forget. Also, besides winning more of their trust, you’re also ensuring that every possible prospect of yours has all he/she needs in order to make that step towards buying your product or service.

In today’s post, we’re sharing 5 insightful strategies that’ll change the efficiency of your customer’s experience for the better. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. Customer Experience Analytics

Most companies perceive “customer experience” as a specific department. However, it’s much more than that. Instead of asking your customers what they want, what they do, and what they like, you should directly track their behavior through customer experience analytics tools.

These tools are definitely useful because they enable you to answer customer requests immediately. And they show you exactly what your users are doing on your online platforms. You’ll find several different analytics tools. Carefully examine them and decide which one could suit your business best.

Without actively paying attention to the statistics, or to be more exact, to how your potential customers react to your brand, you might miss a lot of important facts. If you knew these facts, you’d know what to optimize. Never skip analytics!

2. Give Away FREE Value

Giving away free value is something that few business people used to be eager to do. However, times have changed, and intrusive advertising is no longer efficient. If you want to capture attention, give away something for free. There will be hundreds knocking at your door.

Back to the customer experience. Think of it this way: you just entered a relevant website that seems to have good content. You skip through the pages and suddenly find a good deal for you. If this free offer they’re giving you is truly related to your needs/problems, you’re definitely going to check it out.

But hold. You’re not just checking it out. You’re probably also giving away some sort of information like an email address, a phone number, or simply your name.

So this is basically a transaction: free value vs a stronger connection with the brand. The funny part is that most consumers don’t even realize the fact that they’ve suddenly attributed more trust and more time to this brand, all on a subconscious level.

This is the power of FREE value. Try offering your customers a chance to see a preview of the best you’ve got, without them having to extract money from their pockets.

3. Personalize the User’s Experience as Much as Possible

To win your customer’s trust, your business needs to offer a lot of value. To win their hearts, well, that’s a different story. People, in general, feel a strong urge to be recognized. As consumers, they want some sort of acknowledgment that will make them feel like they matter.

As a respectable brand, your role is to offer them just that. Personalize the user’s experience as much as possible by individualizing their buying experience. There are several things a business can do to ensure that.

For example, you can get “offline” and talk to your prospects on the phone. Some individuals just can’t make buying decisions without having personal contact with a company representative.

Another brilliant personalization strategy would be to personalize the packaging you send. Physical or digital, it doesn’t matter. It takes 2 minutes to write a personalized message. The impact of this personalization will definitely be worth the time you spend on it.

4. Survey Through Questions

Tracking your user’s behavior through analytics is a great thing to fix problems. However, surveying your potential customers through direct questions might be even better. In case you’re looking to improve your overall user experience, your best chance of doing so is by collecting straightforward answers from your database of followers.

All you need to do is send an email to all of your contacts and ask them specific questions that lead to specific solutions. For example, don’t ask general questions like “What do you like about your brand the most?” Instead, ask for things like “What is your most pressing matter right now that our company doesn’t yet address?”

Moreover, you can also ask your customers to rate their customer experience from 1 to 10. With their answers, you can find out a general indication on how your brand is making its customers feel.

5. Always Be There

Lastly and most importantly, you need to offer a great customer service experience. Every time a prospect hits a snag, there should be at least one person who can interact in real-time. When someone can’t find what they need, their first instinct would be to look for that thing somewhere else.

However, if your website indicates that everyone can get in direct touch with a customer service representative, you bet that they’ll stick around for a while.

But keep in mind that a poor customer experience service is likely to hurt the company more than it helps it. People talk. If they weren’t satisfied with the way your customer service team (or you) have interacted with them, they’ll spread that experience too. Actually, they’re more likely to spread negative experiences than positive ones. Always be there for your customers, and they’ll always be there for you!


Always pay attention to your customers. They’re the engine of your business. You run out of them, your business stops functioning properly. The biggest brands focus most of their efforts on keeping their customers loyal rather than finding new ones. Think about it! If they do it and it works, why wouldn’t you?

How About You?

Do you have any additional strategies that you’d like to share? Please do so in the comments section, below.


Chris Richardson is an editor and a blogger from London. He is also a part-time contributor at writing service. Chris finds his inspiration in writing. Meet him on Twitter @Chris12Rich and Google+.


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