Susan Gilbert
March 23, 2015

How to Write an Effective Business Bio

Write a Business Bio that Attracts Subscribers Like a Magnet

When visitors arrive at your website it’s important to get their attention and give them a reason to click through what your business has to over. A short, and concise biography that is attractive to readers is going to help your landing page stand out as well showcase how to meet the needs of your target market.

A dull statement that does not show much personality about your company culture simply falls flat, and could turn away visitors. Your business’s products or services might be stellar, but these may go unnoticed with a sub-standard biography.

A winning summary places the most important items first, but keeping these brief with an emphasis on credibility and the best of what your company has to offer. Take a look at this great example from Mark Schaefer:


Your business is unique, and the biography will vary according to your market. This could be just one paragraph or several with bullet points highlighting your top products or services. For new businesses it’s best to keep this at around 200 words, which can be built on as your company grows. Avoid exaggerations or too much flattery, as this will most always turn visitors and prospects away.
As you formulate your business biography keep in mind to match it as closely as possible on your social media accounts, press releases, and any other online properties that tie into your company.

Here are 4 ways that a winning business bio helps you stand out to your visitors:

1. Third person format – As an introduction rule of thumb it’s best practice to write in a third person voice, such as “John Smith is a bestselling author and entrepreneur” rather than, “I have written several bestselling books…” People will want to know when your business began, and if this is a newer number include your years of experience before the launch. It’s important to remain concise and relevant with a clear focus on what you have to offer with facts that will grab the reader’s attention.

2. Focus on the most important achievements – While awards, recognition, and successes are important your business should be including what really stands out in order to avoid running into boredom or appearing too much like a sales pitch.

3. Show the personal side of your business – What is the culture of your company? People are looking for businesses that they can relate to. Include any testimonials or something that is unique, funny, or touching in short format with just enough information to draw in your audience. On my biography I have included a list of testimonials:


4. Provide upcoming news and events – Keep your business biography future minded with a strong level of expectation by announcing what’s coming next. This not only encourages subscribers who want to stay in the loop, but keeps the interest of your prospects. Direct your readers to your social media channels where they can receive more information, special offers, and so on.

Your business biography will stand out with a brief spotlight on your most important achievements along with the best your company has to offer. In the end this will not only attract new subscribers and leads, but will become a promotional driver for your online marketing strategy.

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