Paolo Fabrizio
December 8, 2020

How To Master Live Chat Support Conversations Like a Maestro

Master Live Chat Conversations

There’s a good chance that you are underrating Live Chat as a Digital Customer Service channel. Live Chat is not the newest Digital Support channel – certainly compared to messaging apps, for instance. And this often leads brands to underestimate its peculiar features and challenges. The result is poor customer experiences and employee frustration (for your front line staff).

Read more to be fully aware of Live Chat opportunities. You need to grab them all while delivering superior conversations.

Getting To Know Live Chat Main Features

The first thing to do is avoiding mixing up Live Chat with messaging apps as they are different one another. This is a pretty frequent topic with some clients of mine since many of them started delivering Live Chat support, then integrated new channels such as Whatsapp, Messenger or Telegram. As a results their customer service representatives tend to apply the same engagement rules regardless, getting into misunderstandings / frictions with the final customer. To help you avoid such pitfalls I’ve prepared this table where you’ll notice main differences between Live Chat and messaging apps:

How to Optimize Live Chat Conversations

Now that you’re aware of Live Chat support channel features I guess you’re looking forward to improve your performances.

As with everything you need to learn, the best way is to leverage the experience of those who came before you. In this instance, that means you should  study brands that already do a great job delivering excellent Live Chat experiences.

That’s why you’ll love this Live Chat support case study. What’s in it for you?

  • An overview of the main issues that the customer service team faced handling conversations via Live Chat, given the peculiarity of this channel (synchronous, with high customer’s expectations in terms of response speed and accuracy)
  • How these problems have generated negative repercussions. This encompasses both internal – your team members – as well as external, deteriorating the customer experience.
  • The customized solutions we have implemented to optimize conversations via Live Chat. The method we used, therefore the benefits that the client company was able to get in a short time.
  • 🎧 An exclusive podcast so that you can do a deep dive into the ‘how-to’ of this case study.

Live Chat case study

Over To You

Delivering excellent and consistent digital experiences for your customers, regardless the channel, is the mantra. Being able to fine tune your conversations according to specific channel features makes the difference for your customers and keeps away your competitors.

That’s why as usual, but today more than ever, my wish for you is ‘have great conversations‘.


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