Susan Gilbert
August 3, 2015

As a business it’s important to understand exactly where your website traffic is being generated from.

With a solid content marketing strategy that attracts readers you can increase your subscribers with greater conversions through social media.

While search engine marketing and email campaigns are an essential component to increasing your subscribers social media has the potential to drive even more readers as your business attracts an audience through attractive posts and tweets.

Here are several ways you can drive more traffic with a focused social media marketing strategy:

Create eye-catching titles for your content – Your business’s posts can be easily missed in the sea of information being shared each second on social media. Headlines need to be catchy, appeal to our emotions, and solve problems. Here’s a great example on Twitter from Valued Merchants:

valued merchants

Include targeted hashtags – On social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Plus the right keywords will draw in the most views, shares, and retweets. This is a great way to attract a new audience who can be directed to your business website. By including 1 – 2 hashtags you will start to see an upswing in visibility and engagement. Here’s a highly visible post from Hollywood Food Guild, which garnered a lot of attention on Facebook with the use of targeted hashtags:


Keep your content flowing – Each day your business should schedule your posts to appear throughout the day, which is very doable with free services like Buffer, Hootsuite, and SocialOomph. Research your current audience and find out the times they are interacting the most instead of relying on a generalized timing chart. The region, age range, niche, ect. are factors which affect the best time of day to share on social media. You can also use these scheduling services to analyze the amount of engagement on your tweets and posts.

Include graphics or videos where appropriate – Depending on the social platform you can attract more views by sharing eye-catching images and interesting videos. For example, according to a study by Quicksprout, images receive 94 percent more plus ones on Google Plus. This can vary according to your own community, and your business can track engagement on your own content to determine what is getting the most attention.

Optimize for mobile – If your business website is not viewable on smart devices it’s time to optimize with the use of a new template or plugins if you’re using WordPress, or hiring a web developer. By doing this you are reaching a much wider audience of readers who are searching for information and making purchases that is shared directly to social media from their mobile devices.

Encourage social sharing – Optimize your blog’s content with key phrases, including your images, along with prominent social sharing buttons. Google Plus posts in particular will often show up in search results, and Twitter cards can be incorporated to give a more detailed view of your articles.
Driving traffic to your business website with just a few steps can improve your conversion rate as well as build more visibility online. By keeping track of your social media activity at least once a month you can create and share content that people will love.

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