David Miller
July 9, 2019

How Integrating AI Into B2B Marketing Can Scale Your Business

How AI can help you scale your business

The merger of artificial intelligence (AI) and B2B marketing isn’t something that’s just around the corner. It’s already here. It’s revolutionizing the course of businesses willing to take the leap and use AI to their advantage. With the right marketing strategy, you can scale your business like never before.

But of course, you already know that. What you’re more interested in is the how, isn’t it? How can the use of AI in B2B marketing help your business grow? And how can you benefit from this union? Here are eight ways in which artificial intelligence in B2B marketing can help scale your business:

1. Greater Accuracy In Data Forecasting

Data and analytics form the basis for scaling up your business and boosting sales. Predictive analytics is among the main benefits of integrating AI into your marketing project management software. It helps businesses base their decisions on hard facts instead of fickle intuition.

Sales & marketing executives can especially benefit from this merger. With AI powering their marketing plans and sales strategies, these two teams can work together to effectively translate leads into conversions. AI also eliminates guesswork entirely. This means that strategies formulated using AI-verified data are highly likely to succeed and boost sales.

2. Impressive Customer Profiling

It’s an open secret that experts in marketing and Salesforce spend many man-hours profiling potential customers before reaching out to them. Artificial intelligence can do this job better and in just a fraction of the time. Of course, human intervention will still be necessary to handle aspects like the input criteria and the different variables involved.

Nevertheless, using AI with your project management software to improve customer profiling can be a game-changer. You can get ahead of your competition and do the first thing needed to boost sales – target the right leads. The rates of conversion will shoot up, which translates to a higher return on investment.

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3. Quicker And Better Account Selection

Manual account selection can be a tedious process. It takes marketers hours of work and tons of effort put into cold calling, emailing, and list generation. Destination CRM reports that sales reps spend around 80% of their time on emails and phone calls. This leaves only a measly 20% of their time for closing successful leads.

AI allows businesses to take shortcuts by making account selection a breeze. And in the process, it also saves thousands of man-hours and reduces costs in the long run. With all these savings, you can reallocate your resources in a more efficient manner. Introducing AI into the customer account selection process also helps marketers make more informed choices.

4. Improved Quality And Quantity Of Leads

Artificial intelligence has radically changed lead generation in marketing. Before AI, marketers undoubtedly had multiple ways to look for leads. However, there were always loopholes in the process. AI has helped B2B marketers close these gaps by improving the quality as well as the number of leads. And the best part is that it does this in a much shorter timeframe.

The numbers don’t lie. A study by Harvard Business Review found that companies using AI in their sales processes saw over 50% increase in their leads. If you’re interested in seeing these results in your own business, get started by integrating AI into your B2B marketing process and your marketing project management software.

5. Effective SEO Practices

Don’t believe people if they tell you that search engine optimization is passé. As long as search engines exist, optimized content will always sell. That said, there’s no doubt that SEO practices are time-consuming. Integrating artificial intelligence into your SEO process can drastically minimize the time taken to identify keywords, tag them, and build backlinks.

But that’s not all. AI can also remove the element of human error from SEO. Using AI with your marketing project management software can maximize the returns on your content strategy. It can also help you attract and engage with an increasing number of customers in the near future.

6. Enhanced Online Shopping Experiences

With eCommerce opening up so many new avenues, most customers are now preferring to shop online. In 2018 alone, there were around 1.8 billion digital buyers. That number is only set to rise. However, there’s also the fact that many customers tend to abandon their shopping carts before checking out.

Reasons include complex checkout design, extra costs, or a drawn-out purchase process. Improving checkout processes can help businesses recover around $260 billion in the US and the EU alone. AI can do this job better than manual teams ever could, by tapping into real-time data and analytics.

7. Empowered Salesforce

AI may not be able to close a tricky sales deal for you. Only your sales team can do that. But if you’re interested in scaling up your business, start by empowering your Salesforce. The trick to doing this lies in using AI as part of your marketing project management software.

This step makes it possible for your marketing professionals to share relevant data and valuable insights with your Salesforce or other CRM. For instance, if your AI lets your sales reps identify the key decision makers in a potential business partner, they have a better chance of making a sale and achieving a conversion.

8. Customized B2B Marketing

The positive impact of AI in project management goes beyond the bare minimum. It allows you to customize your marketing project management software and personalize your B2B marketing at all levels. Consumers’ expectations are evolving, and you can no longer get away with generic, one-size-fits-all marketing techniques.

With AI, you can tap into the potential of hyper-personalized emails, SMS texts, advertisements, and popups.

Chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence:

  • Offer instant response to queries
  • Provide 24×7 service
  • Answer simple questions without human intervention.

A report by Juniper Research reveals that by 2020, chatbots may result in cost savings of $8 billion or more.

Scale Your Business By Integrating AI Through Marketing Project Management Software!

Businesses can easily take advantage of these savings and scale up their operations. Even as you read this, companies around the world are tapping into the potential of AI. They’re also upgrading their marketing project management software solutions to scale their businesses significantly. Look at these real-world stories of B2B marketers achieving tremendous growth for their businesses and get a sneak peek into the many benefits of this merger.

David is a technical writer. His articles are regularly published in various papers and top-notch portals. He has rich experience in project management software that helps him to offer the latest and freshest perspective on improved efficiency in workflows across organizations. His informative works on similar lines can be viewed on ProProfs Project. You can connect with David on LinkedIn here or tweet him @davidmiller4312

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