Susan Gilbert
December 28, 2015

How Influencer Marketing Boost Your Business

Word of mouth recommendations can dramatically increase a business’s bottom line and website conversions. This is also a great way to reduce your advertising and paid search costs. Influencer marketing helps connect your business with your community because they perceive you as a trusted resource.

Since 2004 there has been a dramatic increase with powerful results according to this post by Mediakix:


The article points out that the growth of social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have contributed to the rise in influencer marketing as businesses are able to reach a targeted audience.

The best place to start with this process is to make connections those who are influential in your industry, who can help you attract leads for what you have to offer. As people spread the word your visibility can sky rocket, especially when recommended by a trusted source. Attract an interested audience with these marketing tips to get the ball rolling:

●      Forge authentic relationships – The best connection is one who is truly interested in your business. This is established as your community perceives you as a trusted resource who can answer questions and help guide them in solving problems. Transparency is a key ingredient here along with careful attention to the needs of audience. According to a report on TapInfluence, 92 percent of buyers make purchases based on referrals from someone they know. As your business builds relationships keep a list handy in order to continue to reach out and create meaningful conversations.

●      Don’t spread your social networks too thin – Through target market research your business can learn exactly which networks your community is the most active in. As you discover their preferences keep your activity focused on these places. This will not only save time in social media management, but increases your chances of your brand’s content getting noticed. Take advantage of tools like Hootsuite or SproutSocial to track conversations, retweets, and shares.

●      Use social measurement to gauge your influence – Websites like Klout or PeerIndex provide results of how your business is being perceived based on interactions, content, and the right influencer connections. These free services should be used as a gauge and will help you determine what is working for your brand visibility and how to approach your audience in a way that invokes interest.

●      Leverage offline networking for online word of mouth recommendations – As your business attends conferences, meetings, and communicates with leads and customers in the traditional way you can increase your influence with them online, which can also lead to more potential clients. A study by McKinsey revealed that about half of recommendations are made offline, and were generated either in person or on the phone.

Influencer marketing can greatly benefit your business as you establish a strong presence on your blog, on social media, and in your offline time. These platforms will help your business grow as a trusted expert in your niche as you make stronger connections and provide useful and helpful content. Authentic marketing that connects with others on their level will continue to become a driving force in building a strong customer base that lasts.

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