Susan Gilbert
May 4, 2015

How Brand Storytelling Can Create More Buzz for Your Business

Your customers want to know more about the personal side of your business, and brand storytelling is one of the most effective ways to reach them and keep it fun. Strong visuals that include a compelling story about what you have to offer will attract buyers.

Mark Kelley, co-founder and CEO at Taggs, performed a study of brands on Facebook who utilize characters for their brand story with some very effective results:

This type of marketing can work well for a business with the use of an animated story character to help sell their products..

There are many different approaches to storytelling depending on your target market. One thing is the same in all scenarios in that is this is a method to be used for capturing leads and later conversions rather than direct selling as in traditional advertising.

In order to develop a standout message for your audience your business should follow these action steps:

● Discover your business brand story – This might seem obvious, but take another look at your mission statement and what stories could come out of your company culture. A B2B may want to create customer testimonial videos while a retailer could focus on specific products and their backstory. After some target market research take a look at what the competition is doing and what your audience is looking for according to their conversations on social media.

● Think like a real storyteller – A good book or movie has a clear beginning, middle action, and resolution ending that ties everything together. Your business storytelling technique should follow the same pattern, and capture the viewer from the very start. An emotional connection with relatable characters will go a long way in holding their attention, and will encourage shares and engagement. And like any good story a cliffhanger to be continued effect will keep them coming back for more.

● Make your stories unique – Millions of videos are being uploaded to YouTube each day, but your business can stand out with fresh, original content. This doesn’t mean something that may be too outlandish for your brand image, but instead stays within the boundaries of your message yet provides a unique perspective.

● Create a story series and share on social media – A storytelling campaign is very effective in building an audience for your business with a series of videos or posts that follow a product or service or journey. GE hosted a #GEInstaWalk campaign of its locomotive manufacturing plant in Fort Worth, Texas in 2014, which was well received:


In order to effectively create a business storytelling strategy it’s important to be in tune with your market’s pain points as well as who they are such demographics, location, cultural background, ect. By keeping your messages fresh with authenticity you will build a trusted reputation and loyal brand ambassadors.

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