Susan Gilbert
March 9, 2015

Free Website Traffic Methods for Your Business

Bringing new visitors and subscribers to your website can be one of the biggest challenges for businesses.

The good news is that there are still free traffic methods to tap into despite all of the changes to Google’s algorithm over the last two years.

Depending on the size of your company the number of visitors to your website will vary, but all businesses depend on attracting readers in order to rank higher on search engines, and be successful online.

The starting point to building your website presence is great content that is original and shareable. Not only does this show your knowledge, and expertise in your market, but also opens the door for opportunities to guest blog on high-traffic websites.

Consistent blogging will also garner your business a higher ranking on search engines, and bring in traffic for free instead of with paid advertisements. This is a process that grows over time, and the investment is well worth the payoff.

According to a report from Hubspot the more blog posts the better for lead generation:



What type of content does your audience want to read?

The answer is simple. Know the needs of your target market, and find out what your competitors are writing. Use this is a foundation to improve on and add your own voice according to your mission statement.

In many cases readers will be more apt to comment on and share these types of articles on your website, which will create word-of-mouth:

●      How-to posts that add value to your community – After discovering the needs of your market and determining what is already being published your business should be publishing content that answers questions and provides useful and helpful information. Use what your competitors are writing as a gauge for length, and include images and/or videos, which especially do well on mobile devices.

●      Create simple blocks of information – If your content is at least 2,000 words or more it may not be fully digested by your readers. Break up sections of your article with bullet points, numbered lists, quotes, or check-marks. Draw in an audience with short, and catchy headlines that will entice them to click on your posts. Here’s a great example from Jenn’s Trends:



●      Mix up your content – Instead of a series of text-based articles consider adding a variety such as infographics, case studies, a presentation or video series, or an exclusive eBook offer. Consider repurposing your old content and recycling it into one of these new formats for even more exposure. Louise Myers does a great job with this in her infographics:


●      Guest blogging and article directories – After a establishing a regular flow of quality content and backlinks to other high-end blogs in your niche your business opens the door of opportunity to become a guest blogger. Additionally ezines and other article directories will help bring more visibility and a higher ranking for your website.

A solid blogging strategy is simply good for business as it not only attracts more subscribers and leads, but also helps your website rank higher on the search engines. In order to be truly successful make a commitment to produce content in a variety of formats at least three times a week. With the right social sharing buttons in place your business’s networks will also begin to grow and attract more conversations with your audience.

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