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April 17, 2017

7 Facebook Stories Best Practices For Business Owners

How To Use Facebook Stories – For Business Owners

Facebook is constantly evolving and changing.  In 2017, one of the most exciting new features has been Facebook Stories!

Catching headlines for being a “copycat,” it has certainly been newsworthy…. and much awaited by many.

But it makes sense.  Everyone is there.  And those not there, Facebook feels they should be. So they woo their users, and hopeful users, with delicious digital candy.

What’s In It For You

For most people, Stories will be purely fun.  Business owners, however, have a new tool to leverage in nurturing relationships and optimizing their know/like/trust factor.

This article will provide insight on:

  1. Quickly integrating Facebook Stories into your Facebook marketing strategy
  2. Determining how to best use the features to amplify your personal and business brand
  3. Finding your comfort zone with the new Facebook Camera

We will also explore how to get Facebook stories to best work for you, the ambassador of your business.

7 Facebook Stories Best Practices For Business Owners

In time, you will find your own set of best practices based on your style, and preferences of your Facebook friends.  For now, here is a quick tip list to try…

1) Try The Facebook Stories Feature ASAP

While this is a “Snapchat Clone,” and very similar to Instagram Stories, there are a some important differences between the platforms and how they function.

Like all new toys, it is most optimal to become familiar first!  Just like a new car – As soon as Facebook Stories is available to you:

  • Do a pre-trip survey
  • Try all the buttons to see how they work
  • Take a quick test drive

Make a fun first update, and quickly get a hang of the options.  If you’re hesitant and need more guidance, here’s a step-by-step guide to Facebook Stories.

2) Be Brand-Centric

As a business owner, you are the ambassador of your business.  Your Facebook posts should reflect that, as should your Facebook Stories.

Make choices that are brand-oriented with:

  • Text colors
  • Filters
  • Frames
  • Emojis
  • Hashtags

As much as possible, showcase your brand voice in fun and creative ways that the new Facebook Stories allow.

3) How Often To Make A Facebook Stories Update?

Facebook StoriesIn short: Regularly and frequently.

Facebook Stories are meant to be quick views into what is going on with you (and your business).  So, this is a perfect opportunity for your friends to enjoy quick, entertaining updates from you.  Easy-peasy!

You will want to consider when your friends are usually online, and what days of the week you will likely reach them.  For some, a few times a day would be appropriate.  For others, once a day or every other day might be a good fit.

Keep in mind that you want to condition your audience to watch for you.  They will come to look forward to your Facebook Stories! 🙂

Tip: Facebook Stories are a great way to rise above all the noise on Facebook and be noticed.  Your photo at the top of your friends’ mobile screen will be more easily seen than a regular status update…at least for awhile.

4) Chicken Salad Sandwich With Some Business On The Side

Remember, it is your Facebook friends that will see your stories.  For many people, these are personal connections.  So keep in mind that those types of connections are not typically online to hear your business spiels.

At the same time, if you approach correctly, you can squeeze a little bit of business in once in awhile using the “sandwich technique.”  In between lollipops, give them some vitamins…

Put another way, following every handful of posts focused on their reward, share something about your business.  The frequency for this type of story should depend on the total frequency of your Facebook Stories and the appetite of your followers.

Tip: A good rule of thumb is one every 7-10 story updates.  And then experiment from there.

Here are some ideas for you:

  • Celebrate business milestones
  • Give peek previews of current projects
  • Offer video clips of events you attend
  • Share your signature business tips
  • Group photos of your team when they achieve

Videos are more effective, but images are nice too.  Your options are limitless, and you can get super creative and have fun!

5) Show A “Slice Of Life” 

Your Facebook friends are looking for real and authentic.  While you are the ambassador of your business, these fun Facebook updates allow you to nurture and really advance your online relationships.

Let your Facebook stories get personal – Consider posting:

  • Selfies – Image and video
  • Parts of your day – What are you doing that’s really interesting?
  • Adopt a theme – Choose a personal part of your life that facilitates your ability to do business
  • Your own quotes and “deep thoughts”

Again, you set the stage, your choices are many.

Tip: For those that are working toward a big goal or a large future event, try a progressive story and build up to proud moments with little bits of the story day by day or week by week.

6) Default To Positive

People generally venture onto Facebook for fun and entertainment.  In turn, your stories should be enjoyable for your connections.  They might expect:

  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Humor
  • To discover a new way of doing something
  • To be wowed

Every now and again it is okay to share a challenging moment.

When doing that, consider engaging your friends by asking what they would do in that situation.  This should bring direct message replies, and an opportunity to deepen connections.  Which is your ultimate goal!

7) Value Your Friends’ Time

The best way to get people to look forward to your updates is to offer them value:

  • Entertain them
  • Offer insight they can’t get from anyone else
  • Share things that can help them look smart or cool
  • Make them feel important
  • Give them a private side of you that is exclusive only to Facebook Stories

Also respect their time. Over-sharing can become annoying, as can sharing trivial things too frequently.

Tell Your Story

It’s your turn!

What do you think of Facebook Stories?  Do you think you will use them in your Facebook marketing plan?

Which tip above do you think will help you most?

Please share your thoughts with me in the comments box below… 🙂
If you found this post helpful, please feel free to connect with Keri on Facebook to view her Facebook Stories.

Author Bio

Keri is the Founder, CMO & Editor-In-Chief at Idea Girl Media, an international Social Media Marketing Agency that works with business brands and public figures, providing customized marketing campaigns and social media training. Also the Social Business Faculty Chair at Simplilearn, she has received a Small Business Influencer Honorable Mention Award, and a commendation for Outstanding Attainment in Social Media from the Senate of the State of Ohio. Her insight has been featured at Forbes, Business Insider, Social Media Today, SteamFeed, and other top marketing websites. Non-fat lattes, travel & quick wit make her smile, and she is always enthused to meet new people!

You can tweet Keri @kerijaehnig


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