Jan Gordon
June 19, 2016

Generate More Sales With Facebook Custom Audience

Would you like better insights into your potential customers on Facebook?

Do you already have a healthy list of subscribers to tap into?

Then you will love using the Custom Audience feature — a free tool that helps your business zero in on the right target market through the connections you already have.

Salesforce Canada Blog has put together a step-by-step formula in their infographic — this will help you get started and know how to effectively use the Custom Audience feature.

Below the infographic, we’ve curated some of the key points and some takeaways:

How to Use Facebook Audience Insights: Infographic

How to Use Facebook Audience Insights to Unlock Buyer Personas

Via Salesforce


Key Points and Takeaways

By using this tool Facebook will help you to generate information from several sources including:

  • Email subscribers
  • LinkedIn contacts
  • Facebook connections
  • Telephone numbers
  • Names
  • Date of birth
  • Geographical location
  • App user IDs
  • Mobile advertising identifiers for iOS and Android
  • Connections who have taken action on your website


This is especially useful for creating a buyer persona and reaching a select audience whom you know will be more likely to be interested in what your business has to offer.

Understanding your audience helps you to better understand their wants, needs and desires — this makes for better ads on Facebook, improved website conversions and targeted content sharing on social media.

As long as you have a current email subscription loaded with prospects you are able to get the ball rolling on generate insights on your connections and followers on Facebook.

There are several reasons why this will help you increase your conversion rates — when you reach out to those who are already interested in your business your message is amplified.

Use this resource to reduce your time in gaining new prospects and increase word-of-mouth on your business.

General email marketing strategies still work, but this does not always guarantee your emails will be opened and read. When you reach out to your contacts on Facebook you can increase your shares and likes — this takes your prospecting and lead nurturing a lot farther.

Over to you

Are you ready to grow your sales and market to your existing lead base?

What are your experiences with this great tool?

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