Janja Jovanovic
January 18, 2018

E-learning Trends to Watch Out for in 2018 [Infographic]

E-learning Trends

2017 brought many exciting and new trends with it. Some of these made a serious impact on how we will perceive e-learning in the future. What we’re currently facing is an online learning market making a shift towards those who use smartphone devices as their only method of accessing a particular e-learning platform.

With that said, companies are looking to invest more resources than ever into e-learning management systems and tools for educating their own workforce. (it is also known that over two-thirds of companies based in the United States provide online professional development solutions.) This is done in order to create better-trained employees, and with that said, 67% of companies offer learning opportunities via smartphones.

For classic training sessions to be organized properly, companies often spend a lot of resources they don’t want to be spent:

  • Money (for the entire organization of training)
  • HR time
  • Employee time (there’s a fine number of workers who are not at work at that time)
  • Hiring a coach for the day

This approach also comes with some challenges:

  • First of all, how do you cover every knowledge and competency area needed for every one of your employees?
  • Are all of those employees focused on learning & ready to give 100%?
  • How competent, persuasive and motivated are the tutors in charge of sharing knowledge?
  • What if an employee is unable to attend a training session?
  • What if the employee has troubles remembering what was said during a training session?

Online learning is there to solve all of these problems. This is mostly because online courses are available to every employee at any time and anywhere. Every employee also gets to learn the exact same things, including tips and tricks. Last, but not least, all employees learn at their own pace. This implies that the company itself is saving lots of money, as e-learning is very affordable.

All companies should consider reevaluating their educational approach and take advantages of these trends, which could lead to better quality employees and lower hiring costs.

E-Learning Trends

The problem about learning in these days is that, when we take into account the access to the Internet that everybody has, things are changing at an extremely fast rate. Worldwide knowledge and experience are available to everyone on the planet. And it keeps growing day-by-day. Something learned in high school or at a college only three years ago may have already changed from the core since then. As days and time go by, scientists, professors, and many researchers come to new knowledge even on a daily basis. You can see why it is anything but strange that our knowledge and skills can easily become outdated and irrelevant in no time.

So, how can we overcome this problem? With constant learning. With a constant hunger for new knowledge and personal improvement. Constant learning is what helps our minds stay healthy and proactive throughout the day. This results in a steady growth of our learning abilities.

As the Internet community grows, newer and better concepts of learning have been on the rise. And finally, over the course of only a few years, we’ve already been introduced to the completely new and revolutionizing concept of learning, known as e-learning.

With all that in mind, this is definitely the right time to look at the status of the e-learning industry and see what we can expect to see in 2018.

This infographic from knowledge sharing platform Zeqr reveals some interesting stats about current statistics, e-learning trends, most popular e-learning platforms and much more.

E-learning trends

Any Comments?

Do you partake in e-learning? Does your company create e-learning courses? Is there anything you’d like to add to the above? Please comment, below.


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