Susan Gilbert
November 4, 2014

Design a Business Website Your Visitors Will Love

Is it time to do a website audit?

Perhaps you are launching a new business and need some great ideas of how it should present itself online.

It’s important to have an eye-catching landing page where your products or services are easy to find and recognize.

Social media and mobile technology have both changed the online landscape, and websites should adapt to the new formats. Designs need to be simple, eye-catching, and easy to navigate, especially on a smartphone or tablet.

Take a look at this fresh look from Bryan Kramer’s Purematter:

Desktop View


Mobile View


It only takes a short amount of time for a website visitor to decide whether they will delve further or decide to leave to another resource. The goal is to encourage them to want to know more, and share the content that is presented.

Are you ready to take your website to the next level? Here are some professional tips that will help you get started, which will attract new subscribers that your business can convert into sales:

● It’s all in the name – Take a look at your current URL and determine whether it is easy to understand and find in search. If you have not chosen one yet, go to places like GoDaddy and Google to first find out whether it is already taken, and second to learn how it is being researched by your target market. Decide whether this will be your name, a brand, or company name next, and be sure to stay consistent with that on all of your social media channels.

● Choose a professional website builder – There are several top online tools that your business can tap into when either producing your first website or redesigning one. The most popular and customizable is WordPress, and most brands and businesses are building their landing pages with this framework. WordPress offers built-in search engine optimization capability, and users can find thousands of plugins and templates to make their website function according to their needs. WIX has also recently come onto the web design scene, and offers an easier interface. WordPress rocks in the search engines, hands down.  Do your research on what best matches your budget and whether you need a web developer to help you with coding and forms.

● Consider mobile design – When choose a theme or look for your website it is good to keep in mind that there are more views and interactions like purchases than ever on smart devices. According to Search Engine Journal 8 percent of a person’s day is spent on their smartphone or tablet. If you currently have a home base, check it out with this platform and discover what needs to change. In WordPress in particular there are many mobile-friendly templates and plugins available that will quickly and easily convert your landing page.

Whether your business has a current website or needs a new one, the overall design and appeal will determine your success in search and with visitors. It may be well worth it to do the switch-over to WordPress if you are looking to add more functionality and create a larger branded image for your company.

Choose a web developer who is familiar with the current search engine marketing practices, and knows the full scope of how to integrate social media into your website. Most will have a portfolio that your business can view with references to previous projects.

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