Jan Gordon
November 8, 2013

Welcome to Curatti by Jan Gordon, founder

Curatti is finally here!

Curatti has been an idea that has been fermenting since 2008, the vintage has matured and I’m so happy you’re here. Thanks for joining me as we uncork Curatti.

I am very familiar with the reasons you have landed on this page.  You are looking for some clarity and a guiding light through the maze.  I know this because that is exactly why I started on the journey that has led to this day.

Curatti is a site borne of the same overwhelm many of you are no doubt hoping to make sense of, and over the course of the last 5 years, I have made the connections, learned how to find the gems and reached a point where I felt I wanted to pass these on to others We invite you to benefit from, then join and ultimately help change the journey.

What you can expect to find here in the early days is an extension of my scoops and what I post through the social networks along with new content from myself and others.  This will be supplemented by training courses from people who have created dynamic, successful businesses.

What you can be sure of finding is concise, very high quality original and curated content by many extraordinary people that will keep you coming back, all loosely built around the main premise of navigating the endless changes and challenges presented by the digital world.

We know you are busy and promise to add value, not clutter.

Please comment and question everything as this is not intended to be a one-way dialog.  Speak to the authors.  Ask them questions.  You might just inspire their next great insight that further helps you, or we might inspire yours.

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