Jan Gordon
January 20, 2017

Curatti On Air – The John Paul Aguiar Interview (Video)

Curatti On Air John Paul Aguiar


In our first Curatti On Air video, we chatted with the Blogger’s Blogger, John Paul Aguiar. The conversation was illuminating, as the heart of John’s Chunky System came from the one thing we can all identify with – lack of time! Except in John’s case, there was a health driver in there also.

John Paul’s Story

John’s story is truly inspirational. Many who know him are aware that he had a kidney transplant. Perhaps fewer know that he actually had 2. These health issues landed him on disability, and it was his goal to no longer need those monthly checks. But it had to be something he could make happen from the comfort of his own home, at his own pace.

Not so uncommonly for online marketers, he tried his hand at Ebay selling, Multi-Level-Marketing and affiliate marketing. And he had sufficient success to indeed leave those disability checks behind. But he wanted more!

For John, the issue of using his time wisely was even more compelling than it is for most of the rest of us. He had to factor in whether he might have a day when he simply can’t work.

His Chunky System for tweeting is where he saved most of his time.

The Chunky System Concept

Current ‘common wisdom’ suggests that we should tweet constantly – perhaps 50-60 times or more per day. But this comes with a BIG caveat! To paraphrase John’s words, “what you tweet becomes yours”. So the strategy of tweeting constantly can backfire on you if you tweet a poor piece. And who can read 50 or more pieces of content a day and still have time to build community and make money!

His basic concept is this: Don’t spend all day on Twitter. Just look like you do.

We’ll let you listen to what he has to say. And if you want more detail on his system, please click here for his 3-part Twitter training video . It is a different mindset and one worth at least very strong consideration.

I have to say that the 27 minutes that this video lasts, goes very quickly. And the format makes it very easy for you to listen as you work. Basically, it works as well if consumed as a podcast.

The John Paul Aguiar Interview


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