Ashley Faulkes
January 23, 2017

Boost Your SEO With These 4 Powerful Tools

SEO Tools

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The right combination of the right tools can really be a game changer!

Especially in the world of SEO.

However, with so many available, it is hard to know where to begin. 

If you type “SEO Tools” in Google, the results can be overwhelming. Give it a try!

There are tools for:

  • website rank monitoring
  • backlink checking
  • keyword research

and much much more.

So, depending on what your goals are with SEO, there will always be a boatload of tools to help.

Rather than having you wade through all the tools, and have a mental breakdown with the overload of options, I want to show you some of the best SEO tools on the market.

Tools that can help you take your SEO to the next level, often for free (or at least with a free option)!

Rank Scanner

Rank Scanner – Track Your Rankings

Do you have posts that you important pages or posts on your website and are wondering where they rank in Google?

That is where a rank tracker like Rank Scanner comes into play.

Rank trackers will scan Google and let you know what position your website is on for a specific keyword.

Rank Scanner allows you to track up to 30 keywords for free. Can’t beat that!

For a big business or agency, that is obviously not enough. But for most small businesses or bloggers, it’s a great option to keep track of your most important stuff.

All you need to do is enter your domain and keyword you want to track watch and off you go. You can then monitor how your website is going in terms of those keywords you really care about.

As we all know Peter Drucker once said:

What is not measured is not managed

KWFinder – Find Keywords More Easily

As we all know, finding the right keywords for our business and website is one of the most important steps to ranking higher on Google.

And, if you want to save time and get ahead of the competition you have to stop using the same tools as everyone else.

Not only that, but tools like Keyword Planner (the keyword tool most people are using) are notoriously difficult to use and have recently started hiding the most important data.

That is where some of the smarter and easier to use keyword tools like KWFinder come in. This is a relatively new tool on the block and well worth checking out.

Their team have taken most of the features of Keyword Planner and simply made them better and easier to use. What a breath of fresh air!

The bonus with this tool is that they have also taken it to the next level:

  • added variations to how you can find keywords (auto-complete and questions)
  • keyword difficulty score to help narrow down the best options
  • A view of the top 10 on Google to help see the competition (you can see that in the image below)

KWFinder Top 10

If keyword research is your thing, this tool would be a great addition to your arsenal. I have recently done a full review of all the KWFinder features if you want to see how powerful this tool really. It has become my go to keyword research tool.

It has a free version too. So give it a try and see if you like it. (and revel in not having to reply on Google anymore!)

Ahrefs – One Tool To Rule Them All

Ahrefs started out more focused on backlinks, but have recently upped their game to become one of the best all-round SEO tools on the market.

I used to use Majestic, which is still one of the best backlink tools around. However, once I understood what Ahrefs offered, I never looked back.

For example, they recently released version 2.0 of their keyword research tool and have raised the bar as a result. They have added tons of data and information on each keyword, including their own keyword difficulty value – something that is slowly becoming a must have in SEO. Here is a quick search I did to show you how powerful this tool is:

Ahrefs Keyword Tool

They also have a huge range of other SEO tools such as:

  • mention monitoring (of keywords and new links)
  • in-depth keyword and link research into your own or competitor’s websites
  • similar website comparison
  • top content
  • competitor analysis

The list goes on and on. 

If you are using a bunch of separate tools for research, competitors, link tracking, monitoring and more, you may want to think about switching. You will not only save money, but also have all your tools in one basket! Always an efficiency bonus.

Of course, the downside of such a tool is that it can be overwhelming and it is expensive. But you can try it out for free for a short period (14 days) and just do the research you need for your website now. I suggest trying the keyword research tool or the competitor analysis. These two tools alone will give you enough keywords for a year!

SEO Website Analyzer

Neil Patel is an SEO pro and he loves to help people out. Never a bad combination!

A few years back he created a free website analyzer, which is now available on his personal website. You can use this extremely helpful tool to check a lot of different SEO aspects of your site.

Basically, all you need to do is go to this page, type in your url (up to 3 actually) and then hit go! A few minutes later you will have an insanely detailed report.


You can find out such things as :

  • website speed
  • main keywords
  • number of links
  • any errors on the site

and a whole lot more noteworthy stuff that can help both your website and your SEO.

If you are at all concerned that your website could be a lot better for SEO, or just in general, run it through this tool as a first check. It allows you to download a report of what they have found so you can keep it for future reference as you slowly fix the issues found.

SEO Does Not Have To Be Complex Or Expensive

In 2017, SEO covers a seriously broad spectrum: mobile-readiness, load speed, links, keywords, content and more. So there is a lot to keep in mind.

However, with these kinds of SEO tools, you can improve your SEO faster (and maybe cheaper) and achieve the kinds of results you had perhaps only dreamed of.

Take a look at one or more of these fantastic tools and see what they can do for you.

Your Turn

Do you rely on any tools that you think people should look at? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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