Ruchika Sharma
March 10, 2017

Your Complete Content Plan, Part 3: Content Distribution

Content Distribution

This is the final part of the Infographic series “Your Complete Content Plan”. If you missed the prviosu parts. you can link to part one – Keyword Research – here, and part two – Content Creation – here. The next stage of content planning is Content Distribution.

We are well aware that Content Distribution is the next evolution of Content Marketing. However, there is no denying that Content Planning begins with a vigorous keyword research and creating value-adding content, but the next in process and an equivalently significant stage is Content Distribution.

Content Distribution

Content distribution is the ‘ugly’ stepsister to one of the most effective online marketing strategies used today. The audience won’t come to your content, you’ll have to take the content to them. You need it to put it out at every possible place your target audience happens to hang out. Creating and optimizing your content as per your audience is just the beginning or a ContentC Marketers. You need to take the next step and ensure high visibility for your content so it can reach the right audience. And for this, you must have a plan in place to distribute it. High user engagement is what any content marketer long for and content distribution will act as the base for that.

The art of leveraging an exhaustive media mix to distribute your content is what brings in maximum traffic towards it. The right mix of social media, content syndication tool, re-purposing and re-publishing are crucial for best results.

This infographic highlights the right framework to create an effective content distribution plan.

Content Distribution Infographic
You are all set now! Hope these this infographic series was able to give you some clarity regarding creating a concrete content plan.

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