Andy Capaloff
March 12, 2020

Are Your Guest Blogger Outreach Emails Getting Results? [Podcast]

Guest Blogger Outreach Podcast

I just took part in Stan Ventures first Podcast. It was a vibrant and enjoyable chat about Guest Blogger outreach, with Senthil Hariram.

We covered a lot of ground. Here’s just some of what we talked about:

What Do Guest Bloggers Get out Of Their Endeavors?

This is a question probably better answered by those who reach out to us. Obviously, the repeat bloggers are getting something from it.

The aim is surely to increase their visibility amongst a new audience and increase their following. Ideally, people will get new sales leads.

I’d love to see comments here from people who have gone the route of guest posting.

  • What were your hopes when you reached out to various blogs?
  • What did you actually achieve?
  • Based on your experience, would you encourage others to guest blog?

Does Your Guest Blogger Outreach Email ‘Blend In With The Wallpaper’?

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, we get a lot of outreach emails. Most of them have very similar titles, and we simply don’t notice them! The title you use really is important. They become like wallpaper – exactly the same as the advertising banners that you so rarely notice.

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Do You Use a Template?

The content of your outreach email is REALLY important!

Did you pay for or find a template online? Guess what? We’ve seen it and we know you’re not being genuine. And your false flattery is actually annoying, rather than endearing, as you hope it will be. Just be yourself, OK?

Do You Anglicize Your Name?

This is a pet peeve of mine that I’ve written about before.

A very large number of bloggers come from the Indian sub-continent and Eastern Europe. I’ve heard more than once that some blog-masters ignore emails from anyone who sounds as if English may not be their first language.

Of course, this is very closed-minded for two reasons:

  1. People have moved around the world in great numbers for the last two generations. So, many people were born in the United States and United Kingdom whose ancestors clearly didn’t come from there. But they are indeed native English speakers!
  2. Some of Curatti’s best writers have come from the Indian sub-continent and Eastern Europe. So, anyone ignoring the names associated with those places could be missing out on some great articles!

Unless your English – your written English – is perfect, your subterfuge will be spotted instantly.

Once again, this comes down to being yourself. You don’t want to be ignored based upon your name, and I get that. But there are things that real Sam Smiths don’t say, that those adopting the name might. And I would sooner work with a real Sahil Singh than a fake Sam Smith.

The Podcast

Here’s the podcast! Hope you enjoy it.

You can see a partial, slightly edited transcript of this podcast on the Stan Ventures website, by clicking here.

Any Comments?

Please let us know your thoughts. We’re genuinely interested and promise to respond.


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