Susan Gilbert
July 27, 2015

If your business has digital products to sell then you may already know that Facebook is one of the best social media platforms to generate leads and sales.

Facebook has grown up and is a social media favorite for businesses.

In fact, according to a study by G/O Digital featured on ClickZ, Facebook has the largest piece of the pie when it comes to product research:


Additionally your customers are turning to their mobile devices to not only find information, but make purchases more than on their computers. If you already have a Facebook Page set up and active with a good following then you might consider adding the new Heyo Cart app, which is a new service allows purchases directly from your Fan Page. Similar to Ebay, the service charges a fee rather than a monthly fee:

So why should your company make this investment?

Here are several features that can not only bring in more Fans, but increase your bottom line:

Direct sales on Facebook – There is no need to redirect your customers to a website, as Heyo Cart will allow your products to appear in the news feed, which we all know can be a challenge these days.

Build trust with comments – As customers post a buy comment you are building “social proof” as well as establishing trust to attract more buyers.

Full control of your buyers list – Heyo Cart allows businesses to download their full list of sales to a .CSV file. These are subscribers that you can add to your mailing list for future offers or Facebook ads.

Eliminate external payment processing – Because your customers are making a purchase directly from your Page the Heyo team handles all of the payment processing for you.

This is good news for businesses that offer digital products such as eBooks, a video series, music, and more. Having the Heyo Cart app installed on your Facebook page will increase your website traffic generated from social media in addition to attracting ready buyers instead of having to make a cold sale.

Like any marketing strategy this can be included in addition to your other systems such as lead generating sales pages, email marketing, building an authentic brand on social media, ect. With the recent changes to Facebook Pages this could help in attracting new Fans and customers faster who will be more likely to make another purchase.

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