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March 19, 2019

7 Digital Marketing Apps To Boost Your Business Development

7 essential digital marketing apps

As digital marketers, we face complex challenges. While the time allotted for analysis and communication should be minimized, these tasks are the foundations of any project. Therefore, they must be done right. If they aren’t, competitive project development is almost impossible. I have tested dozens of Digital Marketing Apps at Freepps.top, and I have some fresh reviews to share.

Sprout Social

I always expect such neat and clean applications to lack something important. However, Sprout provides a fine analytics reporting system. It’s very easy to set up by connecting your company’s social media accounts. Another tab is designed to build comparison reports of your competitor’s accounts. It’s also possible to post from this app and edit images without having to use other apps.

A combination of all account and team reports with comprehensive trends research in one place makes this a perfect tool for brand awareness enhancement.


This application overwhelmed me at first because I had a lot to learn in terms of its basics. Later, however, I found it to be one of the most convenient tools for separate teams working on process organization, as it provides a wide range of tools for supervising any task. The working area is customizable for any needs. You can set tasks in notes format and see them all in a simple timeline. All slots link employees and their current tasks to provide a comprehensive and fast look at the project manager.

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Complete projects are easy to combine into portfolios, enabling you to gauge each team’s contribution. The features are quite costly for big companies, but the depth of the reports is really worth it. Look for an additional list of features in our Asana review.


The long history of this application has proven that it is one of the most powerful tools for the adaptation of social networking. Just add all your accounts and adjust the RSS channels to post multiple delayed publications automatically. As posts are made, you don’t have to switch to other apps to get full reports of your job.

All added accounts are divided into streams that allow you to see posts, private messages, and users’ activities. The main advantage of this app is that you can choose what you see on the dashboard. Streams, publisher workspace, post composer, and search engine have separate tabs. Real-life use has shown that the work process is very close to that of a desktop app, so there’s no chance of losing any aspect.


Quality, well-timed posts initiate an avalanche of comments that is very difficult to follow. With Mention, it becomes less time-consuming to pay attention to every influencer’s activities and even single comments. Multi-brand integration brushes away any other user activity analysis apps.

You may feel that Mention is not very versatile and you’d be right. It’s designed to make activity supervision as devoid of distractions as possible. The contact list makes it easy to keep co-workers informed about important issues.

This app will meet your needs if you require precise focus to control your reputation. I tested it for a few months on my Freepps.top guest blog articles, and I see no reason to stop using it.


This app takes macro-making to a new level. You are free to choose whether to build trigger-action chains on your own or to search for ready-made applets in the catalog. Apps like Tasker and Automateit do the same thing but in a much more complicated way. IFTTT provides such a straightforward experience, it doesn’t require any tutorials. Explore the full list of features in this IFTTT review.

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Simply choose any action (let it be “like” mark under image) and set the automatic result (save marked images). I found absolutely no restriction on actions. The app simply asks for permission to complete the task and then does it.

It’s quite amusing that any smartphone voice assistant is not able to do even half that job. Siri and Google Assistant look absolutely useless next to IFTTT, which cuts the amount of time that must be spent on easy tasks.

Let’s look at the numbers. You need to place links to favored YouTube videos into a Google table. It would take about 10 seconds per video. Imagine you like six videos per day on average. In the end, you save about three hours a year. More automated tasks will save you more hours.


Nimble is a CRM system that focuses on social relations. The application integrates into top 50 business apps, e-mails, Twitter, calendars, Outlook, CSV, and many other social channels to unify contacts. Sure, you can see the names of people in all your social apps. But none of them can provide you with automatic detailed insight as to who the person is.

Any additional information about people you meet on the web is instantly added to a contact card, freeing you from excess typing. Another feature is called “templates.” It gives you a customizable list of ready-made phrases and automatic links to write e-mails in a few taps and then track them after you send them.

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Finally, the history tab and recently added multiple pipelines provide you with a new, more convenient way to manage sales and relationships cycles. It becomes possible to enlarge the active contact database and make more deals as a result.

Parallel Space

I decided to finish with this one because while it doesn’t have any complicated professional options, it is able to spawn apps inside your phone. With this application, it feels like you have two devices that allow you to operate different social media accounts at the same time. The only difference is that, in doing this, you carry only one smartphone.

It is very easy to set up and use. Just add the applications you want to be cloned, sign into your additional accounts, and enjoy browsing two Instagram accounts, two Facebook accounts, or anything else at the same time. There isn’t much benefit for marketers with heavy loads, but small companies will enjoy a free solution for surfing multiple accounts.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which of these apps will meet your business needs. I want to add that they all performed well and improved the quality of work for many teams that I interviewed. My home website, Freepps.top, is no exception. Reorganizing a work process takes effort, but you should always think about growth. It’s impossible without innovation.

Over To You

Are there any apps not mentioned here, that you strongly recommend? Please tell your fellow readers in the comments section, below. Thanks!

Daniel Wilson Bio: Digital marketing is one of the most important fields for any company’s economic growth. Freepps.top, like any other website, is bound to continually refine its marketing process. That’s why I research the App Store and Play Market for better apps every week.


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