Paolo Fabrizio
September 7, 2021

5 Questions That Will Improve Your Customer Service

Questions To Improve Your Customer Service

Nowadays, we’re all in the business of conversations. In fact, owning the best products or services is not enough to win customers if they don’t perceive value. Furthermore, as the volume of online conversations has boomed and is bound to keep growing, that’s the new battleground where you may win, maintain, or lose customers. Are you fully equipped? These 5 laser-focused questions will help you take action where necessary to build and maintain conversations that sell. They will help you improve your Customer Service from the bottom up.

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To Improve Your Customer Service, Listen, Learn, Improve. Then Start Over Again

Regardless of the industry, you’re in, the toughest competitor is your pride. get beyond it to acknowledge when others deliver better customer experiences than you. Accept it and learn from them to improve related customer relation key nerves / areas. Just as an example you may need to review at least one of the following:

  1. External processes and guidelines [end-to-end with the final customer]. Meaning every written rule for each support channel. Are they complete? Do they work well on each channel or need to be adapted / customized?
  2. Internal processes and guidelines within your customer service team or between departments [e.g. Marketing, Sales, Finance, HR, IT]. Are intra-department interactions regulated? Have you then introduced Service Level Agreements (SLA) to guarantee timely conversations from both end?
  3. Digital platforms and tools – do they still match your goals? Are they enough or perhaps even too many? What features that you deem essential are negatively affecting internal and external customer experiences?
  4. Up/re-skilling – that applies equally to customer service managers, supervisors, and support agents. Are they able to deliver great experiences also across Digital Customer Service channels (social media, live / video chat, messaging apps)? What digital skills are they lacking of? What consequences do you expect if you don’t get them properly trained in the next 12 months?
  5. Self-service / automation – does your website provide useful and effortless options? Do you have a help page or just an F.A.Q. page that few will scroll down? Have you integrated AI to provide customers with real-time answers to simple queries?


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Over To You

Your best marketing campaign is the sum of all excellent customer experiences that you consistently offer. So take advantage of these 5 questions to keep your customer service outstanding across each support channel. Stay focussed on them because each conversation is YOUR opportunity to start a new relationship or to foster existing ones to consolidate trust – which is worth way more than any Bitcoin.

Have great conversations.

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